Documentary approaching 'What's going on in Bill Gates' head' Trailer released in 'Head of Genius: Deciphering Bill Gates'

Bill Gates , a Microsoft founder and recently a charitable activist who is focused on eradicating energy issues, illnesses and developing treatments. One of the world's most successful figures in 2019, a documentary approaching Gates's head, said to have net assets of over $ 90 billion (in the head of genius: Bill Gates ' Decipher '.

`` In the head of genius: deciphering Bill Gates '' trailer-Netflix-YouTube

“Bill Gates, what is your favorite animal?” “Dog”

“What is your favorite food?” “Hamburger”

The movie starts with an early interview with 'What is breakfast?' And the question 'What do you fear most?'

“The brain stops moving,” says Gates.

One woman said about Gates, “Bill has multiple processors. Reading a book…”

“I do different things at the same time.”

'It's like chaos.'

The movie is closely related to Mr. Gates' private life, while interviewing close people.

“The complexity is the life for him.”

“First of all, we create a framework in our head and put information into it, so the frustration when there are not enough pieces is amazing.”

“But when he is quiet, there are ideas in his head that no one else can think of.”

When he founded Microsoft, Gates worked day and night.

Bill Gates says that this is the reason why Microsoft, a startup, has grown.

“However, there were times when I went too far,” Gates said. Gates shouts 'You don't understand!' ...

The other party is this expression.

A Microsoft presentation.

Record the highest stock price ever ...

Gates was described as “He will do anything to grab the market”.

On the other hand, Gates ’mother told Gates,“ Make it more family and community. ”

“I didn't follow my mother's words and made her feel hard,” Gates said.

Gates's head is all about Microsoft.

You can see that Mr. Gates's eye reading something is moving at high speed.

Attracting attention from all over the world, Gates went up and down the path of success.

However, sometimes it can be a target for

pie throwing snipers .

Looking back on the past, Gates says, “I was mistaking my view.”

“You have to decide what is important to the world in your life.”

Energy problems and ...

Climate change

Eradication of disease

Because of the importance of these, Gates has developed problem solving methods at an unusual rate.

'We wereted time'

“He looks at the problem from an impossible angle.”

“Nuclear energy development has not happened in the last 25 years.”

'If you want to make a little progress, you have to think about it from the whole.'

“He only works in adversity.”

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