Have enjoyed Bamiyan's “Proceed! Ramen Road” where you can eat savory rich sea urchin ramen with sea urchin flavor

Bamyan has been holding a fair called “ Proceed! Ramen Road ” from Thursday, August 29, 2019, where ramen meets together from all over the country. There are 7 types of ramen, tsukemen and fried rice. In addition, 4 types of desserts are also available. I went to Bamiyan, wondering which to eat.

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[Thick sea urchin ramen is decided by 'unimanma'! ] 'Scented sea urchin ramen'-'Proceed! The Ramen Road Fair will be held from August 29th (Thursday)
(PDF file) https://www.skylark.co.jp/company/news/info/pk637h000001zy4a-att/190828.pdf

Arrive at Bamiyan

A fair menu featuring the national road sign-like “Progress! Ramen Road” logo

Mainly 5 types of ramen, 1 type of tsukemen, 1 type of fried rice.

There are four new desserts with red “NEW” marks.

This time in the news release, `` Burning thick sea urchin ramen '' (755 yen including tax), `` Fried rice with thick sliced pork and colorful vegetables fried rice '' (863 yen including tax), and dessert `` Tapioca '' Fruit ( mango ) Ordered 'Purin' (377 yen including tax). Fried rice has a soup bar.

“Saluru thick sea urchin ramen” is a menu that comes from “Hokkaido National Highway No. 5” and features creamy sea urchin soup. Noodles are tightly entwined, and the sweet urine spreads in your mouth. Since the shape of sea urchin itself is not found, the impression is that it is a ramen version of “unio cream pasta”.

The soup is rich anyway, so if you have a replacement, you want to add it. The Bamiyan official recommended that you order rice and eat it as 'unimanma'.

“Thick-cut pork and savory fried rice with colorful vegetables” is the roadside menu of “Higashiizu Road”.

The ingredients are a little sweet and the impression is halfway between soy sauce and oyster sauce. The fried rice itself is also plenty.

And the dessert “Tapioca pudding”

Milk tea often uses black tapioca, but this tapioca is yellow in line with mango. It's a light dessert after a little thick ramen or fried rice, but the tapioca was a little bit harder, so it might be nice to have a softer tapioca ...

The “Progress! Ramen Road” fair will be held until Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

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