France's President Macron decides to refund tax imposed on US IT companies


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French President Macron announced at a joint meeting with the United States on August 26, 2019, `` We have reached an agreement with the United States on the handling of French digital taxation for international IT companies. '' did. With this agreement, digital taxation will be virtually abolished, and taxes collected by the French government will be refunded to each company.

Macron says France and US reached digital tax deal-Reuters

US, France reach compromise on digital tax-CNN

France, US reach digital tax compromise | Fox Business

The French digital taxation, which took effect in July 2019, is a tax of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, with the content of taxing 3% of total revenue on major IT companies operating in France. It was also called “ Gafa Tax ”.


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France's Minister of Economy and Finance, France, explained to this view, “It was because companies in other countries, including China, were subject to the French tax system,” and targeted specific IT companies in the United States. Emphasize not. At the same time, the US and Japan were close allies, and retaliation was not the best way to solve the difficulties between the two countries.

However, in the US government and industry, the view that it was “Aimed at American companies” is the majority, and there is a fierce reaction to digital taxation. In response, President Trump announced that he would impose additional tariffs on imported goods such as French wine as a retaliation, and launched a clear confrontation.

Meanwhile, at the US-France joint conference held after the closing of the G7 Summit held in France, Macron said, `` By bilateral efforts, we agreed to resolve the conflict between the two countries. ”And announced that it has avoided conflict with the United States over digital taxation.

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According to the French Ministry of Finance, the French government plans to reimburse each company for taxes collected from major IT companies under the framework of digital taxation and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

There is a welcome voice from IT companies regarding this decision. Karan Bhatia, Google ’s vice president of public policy, said, “A global company needs a comprehensive multilateral approach to deliver seamless services. Unilateral measures like France are obsolete and harmful. It was a comment. ' Also, Alan Lee, global tax policy director at Facebook, said, “Digital taxation has hindered Facebook's business model and hindered the growth and innovation of the digital economy.”

President Trump refrains from making concrete mention of this announcement, but his Twitter account tweeted `` Thank you France '' along with the American and French flags, and the discussion with France was fruitful for the United States Suggested.

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