What is the back of negotiations to buy an island from a country over 50 years?

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President Trump has announced a grand plan to 'buy Greenland from Denmark' and has been talking about saying 'I am working on a specific concept within the administration.' When you say “buy an island”, you think “Is that really possible?”, But in the United States, in 1917, I bought three islands in the Virgin Islands from Denmark. But that negotiation took 50 years.

The US Bought 3 Virgin Islands from Denmark.The Deal Took 50 Years-HISTORY

The Virgin Islands are part of the West Indies including 7000 islands. The European who discovered the West Indies is said to be Christopher Columbus, who arrived at St. Croix , St. John and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and captured six Arawaks. That remains in the record.

Denmark acquired the ownership of three islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas in the 18th century, colonized it, established plantations such as rum and sugar, and forced African slaves to work It was.

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In July 1848, hundreds of slaves revolt and win freedom on St. Croix Island. As a result of the abolition of slavery on the three islands, the operating costs of the Virgin Islands were high and it became a headache for Denmark.

The United States has appeared here. In the late 19th century, the United States looked at the Virgin Islands acquisition for two reasons. The first reason is economic profit. The other is a defense issue. At that time, there was a suspicion that Germany was increasingly interested in Latin America, and the US wanted to avoid having the Virgin Islands dominated by Germany because of concerns over homeland defense.

The United States began negotiations with Denmark in 1865 when the Civil War ended. US Secretary of State Henry Seward has agreed to purchase three islands from Denmark, but the US Senate rejected it. The US State Department analyzes that the reason for this was the rising opposition to the expansion of the country after the civil war and the Senate's rebellion against Seward's support for President Andrew Johnson during impeachment trials.

Purchase of the United States Virgin Islands, 1917

Although negotiations between the United States and Denmark were resumed in 1890, the negotiations were suspended again due to the US-West War that began in 1898. US Secretary of State John Hay negotiates in 1902, but this time the Danish Parliament rejects it.

The reason why the Danish parliament was negotiating is that it was concerned that the Virgin Islands blacks, the majority of the island, would be transferred to the United States, where black discrimination was deeply rooted. But in 1915, because of the fear of Germany merging Denmark itself, Secretary of State Robert Lansing said, 'If you don't sell three islands, we will take three islands before Germany is taken away.' A contract to buy and sell the three islands for money was made due to negotiations for threatening. President Woodrow Wilson signed the treaty on January 16, 1917, and on March 31, 1917, Denmark was 25 million dollars (about 49 million yen at that rate) in the United States to St. Croix Island, St. Sold John Island and St. Thomas Island. More than 50 years have passed since the negotiations began in 1865 until this agreement was reached.

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Today, St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas are known as the US Virgin Islands , and more than 100,000 people live on the three islands. American Virgin Islands are granted citizenship in the United States and are free to travel to mainland America. However, in 2019, people living in the US Virgin Islands will not be allowed to vote for the president or Congressman and will not be able to participate in the vote.

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