The appraisal of the sacred place and the surrounding shops is unusually high reflecting the uplifting spirit of the visitors, so it will not be a wit

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TripAdvisor reviews sites such as is required, but the review evaluation of the location that is the Holy Land, was found to be unreliable for would reflect the uplifting of the visited people of spirit.

A discourse analysis of pilgrimage reviews: Journal of Marketing Management: Vol 35, No 5-6

Everything in Mecca gets 5 stars — and online reviews of other holy sites are wildly inflated, too

At the University of Sydney Naratoroji Mr. Elif Izberk-Bilgin of marketing associate professor of Tom van Laer, Associate Professor and the University of Michigan to study is, by survey Mecca of accommodation and dining options, such as clothing stores TripAdvisor evaluation of unusually high I found out that The average rating for a property in Mecca is 4.96 out of 5 stars, which is clearly high, given that the average of 200 top rated tourist destinations in Europe is 3.96.

Laer et al. Also looked at whether the phenomenon is unique to Mecca, Haridwar , a sacred place for Hindus, the Maya Devi temple in Nepal, a sacred place for Buddhists, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem , and the Jewish I also examined the area around the wailing wall, the holy place.

As a result, the average rating of TripAdvisor in all places was very high at 4.63.


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Researchers received the findings and concluded that “the evaluation in the sacred place will be very high after the spiritual experience of the evaluator”. If it is a common tourist spot, people will evaluate it based on daily experiences such as crowds, weather, and merchants, but for sacred places, many people experience extraordinary experiences and raise their spirits. Because it is.

This is an example of a review by researchers. Jennifer, who came from Florida, said, “My husband was' all white and felt a sense of uplifting spirit in full tranquility.” 'We should go to this place to feel this wonderful effect. This experience will change us forever in the future.' I am evaluating.

Researchers don't say “reviews in the holy land are useless when traveling”, “be patient in the crowd, do n’t forget that Allah exists”, “do not lose shoes or slippers Note. hot day will be stepping on the hot floor is not the marble in. if lucky, someone that would witness the're selling your slippers ', conforming to the more realistic

review also present The

In addition, the following is the state of the 2014 Indian festival 'Holi' , but it seems that the local situation is like this.

In the 2018 study, the evaluation of the review sites 'have high narrative' is moistened with emotion not a short, be particularly content with the change of sentiment it will be highly appreciated

has been found . The review in the sacred place said that this feature was strongly seen. On the other hand, tour guides and other pilgrims, hotel rooms, signs, and weather assessments seem to have a more analytical trend.

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Researchers find it helpful to recognize that high-rated emotional reviews reflect the mental state of the visitor rather than an objective assessment of the place when going around the sanctuary. Said.

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