The latest trailer of the 2019 version of the THX logo that flows with `` buzzing sound '' before the movie screening is released

THX , which provides sound technology and evaluation services related to movies, performs strict evaluations on the sound of theaters and DVDs, and grants THX certification to theaters and DVDs that meet the standards. In THX-certified theaters and DVDs, a THX trailer with a low sound ( deep note ) sounds before the movie, but the latest version of the THX trailer in 2019 has been released.

THX Deep Note Trailer 2019 (4K) – Genesis-YouTube

In a dark space, the light bounces with the sound of “Bun” ...

The surrounding area is filled with purple clouds and purple flashes.

As the camera moved backwards, a beautiful cosmic sight spread in front of me.

What a camera moving in outer space at high speed caught ...

A majestic mountain range with snow.

Gunyari and the scenery are distorted ...

In fact, you can see that the scenery was reflected in water drops.

The countless number of such water drops clutters ...

It was a thin dragonfly wing. Water droplets are shaken off with flapping.

Dragonflies fly beautifully through the forest.

Then the camera rushed into the water.

When the camera rotates and rises again from the water ...

There was a fantastic night view of a big city. A helicopter flies over the sky so as to pair with the dragonfly.

Camera away from helicopter ...

The whole city is getting farther away. It looks like it's snowing in the sky.

Suddenly, when I thought I went to a bright place, it was on a desk placed somewhere indoors. The big city was in the snowball.

The camera moves to lick the desk with various labware, books and strange items ...

A red robot appeared in front of me. The surroundings are very futuristic.

Such robots will move away soon ...

You can see that the small room was only one room of a huge building.

A building with a terrible attitude ...

What a spaceship. The earth appears blue behind.

The spacecraft suddenly accelerated leaving a shock wave and disappeared from view soon.

Enter the platform where the camera ejected the spacecraft ...

Move at high speed.

Immediately jumped back into outer space ...

You can see a familiar shape.

The platform floating in outer space was the “THX logo”.

The familiar “Buuunun” sound plays well. It was a magnificent THX trailer.

In the following movie, interviews with people involved in the production of the 2019 version of the THX trailer are shown, and the enthusiasm for THX trailer production is transmitted.

THX Deep Note Trailer 2019 – Behind The Scenes-YouTube

Ben Rosenblatt, executive producer on the 2019 THX trailer production team, said, `` I grew up with THX trailers, '' recalling that THX trailers flowed when I saw my favorite movie in the theater. .

Andrew Kramer, director of animation and visual effects, said the THX trailer was part of the movie experience and said he was very excited about making the THX trailer.

The production of THX trailers has progressed since 2018, and it seems that the team had many discussions over the course of the year. Various THX logo designs are affixed to the wall.

The 2019 THX trailer is said to have received a lot of inspiration from past THX trailers.

While confirming the trailer video with the sound staff and directors ...

It seems that the sound and the video are closely superimposed.

It was a movie that understands that the 2019 version of the THX trailer was made by combining many people together.

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