I have eaten `` Okonomi beef onion kim cheese Mix '' in which kimchi cheese is further topped on a completely okonomiyaki-flavored bowl at Sukiya

August 21, 2019 (water), Sukiya is Mayo and Otafuku was further topping 'your favorite cow ball bowl of kimchi and cheese in the' favorite cattle ball bowl 'of okonomiyaki style beef bowl finished over your favorite source of source from special “ Kim Cheese Mix ” is now available. We have actually confirmed what kind of taste it is when kimchi cheese is combined with okonomiyaki beef bowl.

'Okonomi beef onion' 'Okonomi beef onion kim cheese mix' sold from 9:00 am on Wednesday, August 21 | Sukiya

Arrived at Sukiya immediately.

The store had a banner that appealed this menu.

A few minutes after ordering the seat, “ Okonomi Beef Tamaki Kim Cheese Mix ” (680 yen including tax) was carried. You can choose the size of your favorite beef onion kim cheese mix from mini (620 yen including tax), medium (810 yen including tax), large (810 yen including tax), special (960 yen including tax), and mega (1110 yen including tax).

Okonomi beef onion kim cheese mix is a triple topping with kimchi cheese on top of your favorite beef onion. Triple topping is the first in Sukiya's 37-year history. In addition, favorite beef onion is also available on the same day.

The top is kimchi and the side is topped with cheese.

Comes with egg, bonito and blue paste on a separate plate.

Eggs can be made only with yolks using instruments.

It is like this when topping eggs, bonito and blue paste. The egg was thrown out of yolk, but its shape collapsed when dropped.

The part of your favorite beef bowl is like this, and the favorite sauce of Sukiya special mustard mayo and otafuku sauce is plenty on the beef bowl.

When I actually eat it, the combination of sauce, mustard mayo, green paste, bonito and cabbage with a crispy texture completely tastes like okonomiyaki. It feels good. Kimchi cheese has a distinct flavor, and the taste of okonomiyaki has changed as an accent.

The compatibility of sweet and spicy beef and okonomiyaki is outstanding, and you can't stop eating. The sauce was thoroughly soaked in the rice below, and it was a candy that you can enjoy the taste of okonomiyaki.

“Okonomi Beef Tamaki” and “Okonomi Beef Tamaki Kim Cheese Mix” are available for purchase for a limited time from Wednesday, August 21, 2019 to mid-October.

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