What is the actual situation of “gaining the number of cited papers” that distorts the value of papers?

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Number of papers cited ” is a numerical value that indicates the number of times that the paper has been cited in other papers, and is one of the indicators of how much impact the paper has had on future generations. The higher the number of citations, the more likely the paper will be considered more important, so the number of citations will also affect your career as a researcher. However, it has been pointed out that “ self-quoted earning of self-quotes ”, which means “to earn by yourself ”, is a problem.

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The problem of earning the number of citations is the act of increasing the number of citations by quoting the papers of oneself or co-authors in one's own paper. 'Why do most of the published studies is false ( Why Most Published Research Findings Are False )', etc., of the Stanford University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and Policy section known in the paper about research methods and research ethics of science and technology John・ The research team led by Professor PA Joanidis discovered that more than 100,000 researchers may have earned the number of citations as a result of researching more than 100,000 research papers. did.

According to the research team, the self-citation rate of papers is usually about 12.7%, while these 250 researchers said that more than 50% of the cited papers were 'papers of themselves or their co-authors' . “Number of cited papers” is one of the factors indicating the importance of a paper, but the number of cited papers in most papers does not reach as many as three digits.

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In July 2019, the research paper fabrication , falsification , plagiarism in the UK dealing with the fair on the issues research center and publishing of Conduct Committee (COPE), taken as the current problem as the main method of the 'number of citations Operation' Cited “self-quoted earning” and expressed concern about placing too much emphasis on the number of cited papers in employment, promotion, and research funding. According to Professor Joanidis, the results of this survey are: “Researchers with a self-citation rate of more than 25% need more detailed research.”


However, we cannot conclude that “there are many self-quotes because we earn“ quoted earners ”. Indian researcher Sandara Padian Baid Yanasan, who earns citations for papers comparable to Nobel Laureates, has received an online Q & A forum on the question-and-answer forum Quora . my research is intended to tradition series of flow, before it is impossible to write the next article without citing a paper 'and answer as can be seen from the fact that,' his papers in legitimate reason There is also a case of “quoting”.

Both Professor Joanidis and COPE have clarified the view that “the number of self-quotes should not be linked to“ quoted earning ”. Prof. Joanidis notes that this paper should be used only to provide “data” and not to assert that “scientists with many self-citations are scientists who are against research ethics” COPE is also opposed to excluding the number of self-citations from the number of papers cited as “there are cases where self-citations are academically meaningful”.

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