'MOW Royal Milk Tea' tasting review where the scent of tea leaves like flowers and milk melt smoothly

MOW Royal Milk Tea, an ice cream that is rich and authentic, using 100% Uba tea from Sri Lanka, has been available since Monday, August 19, 2019. I actually ate MOW, which seems to be so rich that I use two types of tea leaves, which have a flower-like scent.

MOW Royal Milk Tea | MOW Ice Cream


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'MOW Royal Milk Tea' will be on sale for a limited time nationwide from Monday, August 19th | News Releases | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

This is the MOW Royal Milk Tea package. It is a royal image with the color purple and gold.

The calories per cup 140 ml is 214 kcal.

Looking at the raw material names, you can see the letters 'tea' next to dairy products, starch syrup, sugar, vegetable oils and fats.

When you flip the lid, it turned out to be ice cream with a royal milk tea color.

There is no particular scent when you bring your face close to the ice, but when the ice melts in your mouth, the good scent of the strong uba tea passes through your nose. There is no bitterness or astringency of tea leaves, and only the fragrance like flowers is integrated with the mellowness and richness of milk, giving a rich finish. Even after the ice melts in your mouth and disappears, the flavor of tea leaves remains.

I didn't have anything inside, so I was able to enjoy the flavor of royal milk tea.

MOW Royal Milk Tea is 140 yen excluding tax and will be on sale for a limited time until around March 2020.

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