A play movie of Director Hideo Kojima's latest work `` Death Stranding '' that revealed a shocking new element that raises mushrooms with standing urine will be released

The latest play video of director Hideo Kojima's latest work “ DEATH STRANDING ” was released at the game event “ gamescom 2019 ” held in Germany. In the movie, new elements such as the main character Sam who plays Norman Reedus peeing and adjusting the amount of residual urine, shaking the baby who has started crying, etc. are revealed.

New Death Stranding footage shows off pee gameplay-Polygon

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The newly released Death Strand play demo can be seen from around 1 minute 18 seconds of the following movie.

Death Stranding Gameplay Demo With Hideo Kojima (Geoff Keighly + Peeing)-Gamescom 2019-YouTube

The play video starts from where Sam is sleeping with the chest container in mind.

When starting the operation and opening the menu, it turns out that Sam's urine has accumulated. When the player selects from the menu ...

Sam lowered his pants chuck and started urinating.

As the camera turns around from the right, Sam turns around, sprinkling urine.

It's the same even if you go to the left, so you don't have to worry about seeing something you don't want to see.

When Sam finished urinating, a mushroom appeared for some reason from where the urine was applied.

After finishing urination, Sam starts searching for the plains.

A tool like an antenna extending from Sam's left shoulder seems to be equipped with a function to scan the entire neighborhood, and immediately discovered the facility of “Ludens Fan” in the front.

As we approached the facility, a cliff was waiting.

So if you select a ladder from the menu ...

A ladder appears on the backpack that Sam carries.

A ladder is set up aiming at the edge of the cliff, and the cliff is climbed.

Arrived at the facility on the cliff. As the name Ludens Fan appears on the wall of the facility, there is a poster of Kojima Production's symbol character “ Ludence ” led by Kojima.

Waiting for Sam at the facility is a character called Ludens Fan, played by game journalist Jeff Cary, who is an enthusiastic fan of Director Kojima. Ludens Fan is a member of the Prepper that is present in the game, and Sam can work with Prepper.

Sam, who left the facility, was distracted by Ludens Fan who shook his hand and shook his hand ...

I fell from the cliff.

Then, a baby called BB (Bridge Baby) in the chest container starts crying.

So Sam removes the container and holds it with both hands ...

I gently rocked and began to scramble. A tool like the antenna on the left shoulder also makes a noise like a bed merry, which helps to relax the BB.

In addition to this, a movie of a character played by the film director Guillermo del Toro, known for the movie ' Pacific Rim ', was also released.

Death Stranding: Bridge Baby & Deadman In-Game Cutscene-Gamescom 2019-YouTube

Del Toro plays a character called Deadman.

Deadman advised Sam, “Don't forget that BB is just a device.”

In addition, the character mom modeled on the actress Margaret Quarry is also being explored.

Death Stranding: Mama In-Game Cutscene-Gamescom 2019-YouTube

Mom also wears an antenna-like tool, but the shape is different from Sam's.

When mom catches something that cannot be seen from the air ...

I held it on my chest like a baby.

Even after the invisible baby disappeared, there was a slight umbilical cord connected to the abdomen of the mom, with handcuffs hanging on the arms, implying that the mom was connected to something .

Kojima Production's first game title “DEATH STRANDING” will be released on November 8, 2019.

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