Apple's CEO Tim Cook explained to President Trump that 'tariffs will affect Apple competing with Samsung'

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook attended a dinner with President Donald Trump on Friday night, August 16, 2019 in local time. During the dinner, President Trump reveals that the two discussed the impact on the Apple business of raising the tariff on Chinese imports.

Trump says he talked to Apple CEO Tim Cook about tariffs and Samsung

Trump says Tim Cook made a 'compelling argument' that tariffs would impact Apple's ability to compete against Samsung-9to5Mac

President Trump has put up economic policies such as “ 45% tariff on imported goods from China ” during the presidential election, and many negative views have been shown by the technology industry for this It was. Tariffs have been raised in stages, with plans announced to increase from 10% to 25% in 2019. Along with that, the three major game companies of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have developed a situation in which an open letter is sent out that 'raising tariffs on China will lead to price increases for game consoles and adversely affect the entire industry.'

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft claims that tariff increases to China lead to price increases of game machines and adversely affect the entire industry-GIGAZINE

After announcing a plan to raise tariffs on imported goods from China, it was reported that Apple would move the manufacturing base for the new Mac Pro from the US to China. Since the press was just announcing the tariff increase that the entire technology industry was going to have a big impact on, it was pointed out that it may have political implications.

Apple moved the manufacturing base of the new `` Mac Pro '' from the United States to China-gigazine

Regarding the tariff increase for China, Cook said to President Trump that `` Samsung, which has many manufacturing bases in Korea, will not face the same hurdles (price increases due to tariff increases) as Apple and other technology companies. '' He said he insisted that raising tariffs would be useless to keep competing with Samsung. Regarding the conversation at the dinner party, President Trump told reporters that “I think he had a very persuasive argument”.

President Trump tweeted about the dinner with Cook CEO: “I had dinner with Apple's Tim Cook tonight. Apple will spend a huge amount in the US. Great!”

The Trump administration planned to introduce a 10% tariff on many consumer goods imported from China starting September 1, 2019, but initially this was Apple's biggest source of revenue The iPhone that has become was included. However, in the third week of August 2019, the US government announced that it will postpone the 10% tariff on some imported goods, including smartphones, until just before the holiday season on December 15. As a result, tariff increases are not expected to affect the new iPhone, which is expected to be released in September 2019.

However, import duties introduced from September 1, 2019 are expected to affect many Apple products such as AirPods, HomePod, and some Macs.

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