A phantom undisclosed scene cut by live-action movie version Super Mario is excavated for the first time in 26 years

The movie `` Super Mario Goddess of Makai Empire ' ' released in 1993 with live action of `` Super Mario Brothers '', a masterpiece of side scroll action game, is the first undisclosed scene in 26 years that was cut in the main part of the movie Discovered and published on YouTube.

Exploring the Super Mario Bros. (1993) Extended Rough Cut Pt. 1: Nobody Touches My Tools-YouTube

Regarding the unseen scene before the video starts, “May 15, 2019, Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive discovered a video containing a rough cut of the movie“ Super Mario Goddess of the Makai Empire ”released in 1993. This version contains about 15 minutes of footage and includes a new scene that expands the story and character, and we are excited about the exclusive availability of this footage that includes this unreleased scene. The explanation will flow. According to Polygon of overseas game media, this video was recorded in the VHS tape owned by Roland Joffy who was the producer of the movie, this was put on eBay's auction and Super Mario Bros It seems that he went to The Movie Archive.

In the main story released at the theater, the main characters Mario and Luigi are called to the Riverside Cafe as a plumber.

Mario & Luigi came to the Riverside Cafe with a work van. However, he discovers that the van of the rival Scapelli's plumbing company has stopped. In the main part of the movie, Mario and Luigi discover the van and leave the cafe ...

Actually, at this time, I went into the cafe and had a first visit with other plumbers. This seems to be said in novels and trading cards, but in actual movies it is cut out entirely.

The plumbers who are the subordinates of Scapelli, who Mario encounters in an undisclosed scene, are positioned as enemy characters that interfere with Mario.

That's why the unreleased scene started. Mario and Luigi enter the cafe.

Discover the problem site.

But there ...

There was a rival company plumber dressed in white work clothes.

The discussion between the two plumbers started immediately.

Mario warned, “Don't touch my tool!” As Scapelli's subordinates ridiculed their tools.

“I know. However, no one will turn our boss, Scapelli, into an enemy. Mario Mario also knows?” Said the plumber, Scapelli ’s subordinate, to Mario. But……

Mario said, “Of course I understand. I grew up with him, so I know I'm a plumber who can't handle toxic waste properly. You don't know the difference between a pipe and a bar.” .

So Scapelli's subordinates called the clerk of the cafe and asked if he was “Mario or Scapelli”. Mario's work has been taken over by Scapelli's men.

There are two possible reasons why this scene was cut. The first is 'Mario's full name, Mario Mario, came out before heading to the underground dynohattan police.'

This scene is also a scene where the decision “Nobody touches my tools!” Pops out on the official toy package of the live-action movie ...

Skaperi's subordinates will not appear in subsequent scenes, and the reason for the second guessable cut is that it is too verbose as an introduction to the underground empire.

In addition, Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive did not release all of the obtained videos, as it was with “15 minutes of video” at the beginning. Other unreleased scenes will be released on the official YouTube channel soon.

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