I have been drinking Lotteria `` BOSS shake (with tapioca) '' where `` BOSS '' of canned coffee became tapioca shake

BOSS shake (with tapioca) ”, which is topped with tapioca, has appeared from Lotteria in the “BOSS shake” where Suntory coffee drink “BOSS”, which is popular as a “worker partner”, has become a shake. BOSS of canned coffee became a shake, and I drank too greedy drink that had been topped with tapioca.

-Lotteria x Suntory Coffee 'BOSS' collaboration products will also appear this year-'BOSS Shake', 'BOSS Shake (with tapioca)' Limited sale from Monday, August 19, 2019! | Campaign | Lotteria


Arrived at Lotteria.

The target menu was appealing on the panel on the counter.

BOSS Shake (with tapioca) ” (340 yen including tax) was ordered and offered in about 1 minute.

It is a drink topped with black tapioca using black honey on the “BOSS shake” that appeared in 2018 .

You can see large black tapioca sinking in the bottom.

Insert a thick straw for tapioca drink.

Shake uses “BOSS” coffee syrup made from Indonesian and Ethiopian coffee beans, with a mellow flavor of milk and a firm aroma of coffee. Tapioca has a smooth texture and chewy resilience, but the taste of whether the coffee is too fragrant is less impressive. Although the sweetness is modest on the whole, it is a drink with a strong dessert due to the taste of milk that is the base of the shake.

When compared to the

boss cafe au lait because it is a sweet boss, the boss cafe au lait has coffee on the front and it is clearly `` coffee '', but `` BOSS shake (with tapioca) '' is that From the taste of milk, it is only “shake” and its bitterness is weakened. “BOSS Shake (with tapioca)” is a drink that can be enjoyed by people who are not good at dark coffee.

`` BOSS Shake (with tapioca) '' is a limited period from Monday, August 19, 2019 to late January 2020, nationwide Lotteria excluding Saitama Super Arena Store, Ueno Park Rueno FS Store, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS Store It is available for purchase.

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