It turns out that models made of ceramic and titanium are added to the new model of Apple Watch

Public beta testing of

watchOS 6 , the next OS of Apple's smart watch ' Apple Watch ', started in June 2019. From the animations included in watchOS 6, iHelp BR , an overseas technical media, reported that 'a new type of ceramic case and titanium case has been developed on Apple Watch'.

Exclusivo: Apple Watch ganhará versão em cerâmica e titânio | iHelp BR

watchOS 6 assets reveal new Apple Watch models coming in titanium and ceramic cases-9to5Mac

The following images were discovered from the public beta version of watchOS 6. '44MM TITANIUM CASE DESIGNED BY APPLE IN CALIFORNIA' and '44MM CERAMIC CASE DESIGNED BY APPLE IN CALIFORNIA' are displayed around the clock panel with the Apple logo in the center.

The following GIF image is the actual animation.

Apple Watch Series 4 released on September 21, 2018, comes in two types: aluminum and stainless steel. The ceramic case has been adopted in the Apple Watch Series 2 Edition model so far, but the ceramic case model has not been released in the Apple Watch Series 4.

Also, although the titanium case has never been adopted in Apple Watch so far, 9to5Mac dealing with Apple-related news says `` Apple's own credit card 'Apple Card' physical card is made of titanium 'It's not strange that the titanium case appeared.

Apple's first unique Creca `` Apple Card '' is already being distributed, or the real thing looks like this-GIGAZINE

It is unknown whether the ceramic case model and titanium case model that will be added this time are the new models of Apple Watch Series 4 or the new Apple Watch Series 5. Apple has a 'hold a new iPhone of the event on September 10,' from the information that has been included in the beta version of iOS 13 have been reported , iHelp BR is expected that it will have more information at this timing become apparent It is.

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