A site `` Typing delay experiment '' that you can easily experience how much stress accumulates in an environment with input delay

In a net game, there may be a “delay (lag)” depending on the situation of the internet line, etc., and the phenomenon that “the character does not respond even though the action is entered properly!” May occur. ' Typing delay experiment ' is a typing simulator that allows you to experience a delayed environment, and you can immediately understand that there is a lot of stress when there is a delay.

Typing delay experiment

Below is the one with delay time ( latency ) set to 1000ms. It seems that if the latency is increased, the machine spec is required, or the delay becomes worse than the set number of seconds.

I tried typing in a delay of 1000 ms using `` Typing delay experiment ''-YouTube

The official page of “Typing delay experiment” has such a simple design. Click the button labeled “FINE” or “COULD BE WORSE” to set the “Typing delay” in the middle, in ms (milliseconds) units. It is also possible to enter the “Typing delay” seconds directly.

All you have to do is type your favorite text in the blank below.

When you actually enter the text, you can feel that there is a delay with a delay of about 30 ms, but you can feel that there is a delay with a delay of about 100 ms. When the delay is as long as 200ms, the stress will be accumulated and the reflection of the entered characters will be delayed as you want to say 'Can you enter characters in this environment!' If there is a delay of 1000 ms as in the opening movie, it can be said that it is synonymous with being unable to type.

“Typing delay experiment” also has a sister version of “Audio delay experiment” by the same author.

Audio delay experiment

The usage is almost the same as “Typing delay experiment”. Select the number of seconds for delay from “FINE”, “COULD BE WORSE”, etc., and press the key corresponding to the piano keyboard.

The following movie with the delay set to 1000 ms can be confirmed to be exactly “I can hear the sound late”.

If you set the latency (seconds of delay) to 1000 ms in `` Audio delay experiment '', the sound will be delayed tremendously-YouTube

When wirelessly connected PC peripherals began to appear, products with large lags were sold, and people often thought that they could not be used. Even in modern times, such lags may still exist in online games.

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