Remodeling the oven for playing homes with USB Type-C


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The ' Easy Bake Oven ' oven for mascots sold in the United States is a toy appliance that can actually bake cookies. Jason Selandro, who is usually working on augmented reality (AR) hardware as an engineer, has remodeled the Easy Bake Oven to work with a USB Type-C connection instead of an outlet.

USB-C Easy Bake Oven — Reclaimer Labs

This is the Easy Bake Oven modified by Celandro. Although it is an oven for homemakers, it is an American-style toy that can produce firepower to bake pancakes and cookies.

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Selandro's goal is to make the Easy Bake Oven run by powering with USB Type-C instead of a regular household outlet. Mr. Celandro first disassembled this easy bake oven and examined the structure, and it was said that it had a simple configuration of main power supply, switch, nichrome wire of heating part, and light part.

According to Celandro, the first problem with connecting an Easy Bake Oven to USB Type-C is “voltage”. The maximum voltage that USB Type-C can output is 20V, but the main power of Easy Bake Oven is 120V and 6 times. In order to solve the voltage problem, Mr. Celandro added a wire to the nichrome wire in the heat generation part, so that one nichrome wire was parallelized in 6 divisions on the circuit.

As a result of remodeling, the voltage of the heat generating part is reduced to 1/6 and the voltage problem is solved. In addition, the resistance of the heat generating part was about 1/36, the flowing current was 6 times, and there was no change in power consumption.

Celandro, who cleared the biggest problem, connected the USB Type-C controller

FUSB302 and Adafruit's microcontroller boardMETRO 328 to the power supply and glued it to the main unit, replacing the resistor with a smaller resistance The USB Type-C connector was installed where the power adapter connection was originally.

Celandro said that he rewrote the open source repository for Google's Chromebook about 4000 lines in order to implement operations such as setting the maximum allowable voltage and maximum power to the newly incorporated electronic parts and turning on the exterior light at startup That. The completed USB Type-C version Easy Bake Oven was connected to the 87W power adapter for Macbook and turned on.

As a result, the USB Type-C version Easy Bake Oven works normally and the temperature rises to about 150 ° C over 15 minutes. Celandro put the dough into the oven and baked the cookies finely. The baked cookies are below.

Cookies baked in Easy Bake Oven are delicious.

Celandro said, “The project was completely successful,” and in response to the question “Why did you want to connect the Easy Bake Oven to USB Type-C?” I like being done. ”

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