An accident occurred in which a hole in the lungs of a man who sang too much karaoke



Singing as much as you like in karaoke is fun and stress-free, and it is an entertainment that many people enjoy. However, it is reported that a man living in China has a hole in his lungs as a result of singing for a long time at karaoke.

Chinese karaoke lover suffers collapsed lung after straining to reach the high notes | South China Morning Post

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A 65-year-old man who loves karaoke, Wang, who lives in Jiangxi, China, felt pain in his chest after singing ten high-pitched songs in a row. Mr. Wang, who has sung many high-pitched songs on a regular basis, says that the pain in his left chest has never been seen before.

Wang returned home that day, but the pain was getting worse. After all, Wang, who was transported to the hospital the next day, was told by the doctor that his lungs had ruptured. According to Peng Bin-fei, a paramedic at the destination hospital, “the patient applied high pressure to the lungs as a result of trying to make a high sound,” the lungs ruptured. I can't recommend singing in a row.

When the lungs rupture, the air inside leaks into the chest cavity and compresses the lungs, resulting in a pneumothorax that causes chest pain and dyspnea. Pneumothorax itself is not a rare disease, but if a large amount of air leaks into the chest cavity and compresses the lungs or heart, it can sometimes die.



Air leaks that cause pneumothorax may occur due to the rupture of a part of the alveoli that have become cysts, or due to a trauma such as a traffic accident.

In addition to Wang, there are few people who are too excited to speak out, and a 16-year-old girl who participated in the concert of One Direction, a popular band in the United States, shouted too much excitement and raised her chest It has been reported. There are other cases where practitioners such as opera singers and soldiers who trained to shout loudly became pitiful.

However, in Wang's case, I was pissed by singing karaoke too much, but singing too much is not necessarily dangerous. In fact, karaoke is very rare to get puffy, “Wang's case was originally damaged in the lungs, so karaoke would have caused air to escape from damage that had not previously been a problem,” said Johns. Enid Neptune, Associate Professor of Medicine at Hopkins University , thinks. “Normal lungs won't become pneumothorax without trauma such as a traffic accident,” Neptune said.

by Aleksandr Neplokhov

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