A board game `` Dominate Grail War -Fate / stay night on Board Game- '' review that becomes the master of `` Fate / stay night '' and fights the Holy Grail War with the servant

In this game, which traces the original world view of `` I will participate in the 5th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City around the 'Holy Grail' that grants the wish of the person who got it '', the player also appeared in the original game And fight until the last one following the servant. Since I got the real thing, I immediately held the Holy Grail War in GIGAZINE editorial department.

Dominate Grail War -Fate / stay night on Board Game-

The package contains 7 master characters and sabers as player characters.

The target age is 14 years old and over, and the number of players is assumed to be 3-7.

Contents are rule book, 1 central board, 7 master boards, 13 situation cards, 20 event cards, 108 attack cards, 27 treasure / skill cards, 4 special cards, 9 servant tarots, With 7 master pieces ...

7 battle result display tokens, 7 magic tokens, 21 spell tokens, 10 gem tokens, 4 local tokens, and 1 start player marker.

When the central board is connected, it looks like this. Set in Fuyuki City, there are magic studios, Miyama-cho, new capital, and reconnaissance areas.

Play started with 7 editorial staff members. First, the player chooses a master board and a servant tarot at random, and prepares a deck corresponding to the servant tarot at hand.

Then, place 3 magic tokens and 3 instructional tokens on the master board. In addition, place a 'skill card' with a blue back from the deck in the upper right corner of the master board. The yellow “Treasure Card” on the back and the Servant Tarot are set aside and ready in the state shown below.

In the original, the master and the servant are a fixed combination, but in this game you can play with various tags to draw the servant tarot at random. In addition, the part of 'try not to reveal the identity of the servant' is also as the original, and the servant tarot is always placed face down during the game. However, if a servant's unique abilities are demonstrated with treasure equipment cards, other players may become known.

The game is divided into 1 round 4 phases (preparation phase / outpost phase / action phase / combat phase), and the game progresses by repeating the round. During the preparation phase, the master draws three cards from the deck, and the situation cards and event cards on the central board are revealed.

In the outpost phase, the master piece is placed on the center board. In addition to the “Magical Studio” where the magical power increases, pieces can be placed in “Fukayama-cho” and “Shintou” in Fuyuki City, the original stage of the Holy Grail War.

In Miyama-cho and Shinto, there are “Early Benefits”. The master who placed the first piece gains 3 points, and the master who placed the second piece gains 1 point of interest.

In the action phase, you can move by consuming magical power. You can get magical power in the magic studio and then move to Miyama or New City for battle, but be careful if you already have two or more masters in Miyama and New City. It is also possible for only one player to move to “Recon”, and the player who arrives at the Recon can get 2 battle results.

In addition, the Action Phase prepares for combat after moving. The player who fights chooses two cards from his hand, puts them face up, and consumes that much magic. However, if you are in a magical studio or reconnaissance that is not in the battle area, you can put 2 cards face down and discard the card into the trash without consuming magic.

In the combat phase, a battle occurs when multiple masters are placed in Miyama or the new city. The winner is the one with the highest sum of the power figures drawn on the card, the situation card, the additional points from the event card, and the points gained by Fukayama and Shintou.

For example, in the case of a card issued by Kirisakura during the following, the skill card score is 2 + 4 = 6 points. Due to the effect of the skill card “Remote Control”, the points gained in the New City area that was obtained in the Movement Phase will be doubled, so 3 points x 2 = 6 points will be added. In other words, the attack of the paulownia cherry tree is 6 points + 6 points = 12 points. The winning or losing battle is the victory with the higher attack score. The deck of skill cards that make up your hand varies from servant to servant, so you can plan your next battle by predicting the servant from the cards your opponent gave you. Mangiri Sakura's victory was not only because he was lucky, but because the servants possessed skills that were advantageous to the field.

The winner can get the total of the numbers written on the event card and the additional points in the red frame. For example, in the case of the following image, you can get 2 event cards + 3 victory points = 5 points. Since different event cards are arranged in Miyama-cho and Shinto, event results and events that are obtained are also the criteria for selecting a battlefield.

Masters who boast the highest battle results will win the Holy Grail War while fighting like this. In the battle this time, Mt. Sakura made 5 points, and 2 more points as a result of the skill code, so the start dash was decided and it was the first place. In addition, when playing with less than 6 players, Sakura Maki is not included in the playable character and will be used in combination with Shinji Makiri.

After a few rounds, a situation card appears that adds one event card to each battlefield.

As the number of event cards increases, you get more results. This is the stage I want to win.

It was Shiro Emiya and Ilya who decided to compete in this phase. There are 6 battles in the new city, so you can expect great results.

Here, Shiro Emiya releases her real name. The servant is Archer Gilgamesh . The game will be played with a total of 17 cards.

On the other hand, Ilya is also released. The servant is Lancer's Ku Fulin . The total number of cards is 8.

With the treasure card “ Gay Bork ”, Shiro Emiya was defeated and became Ilya's victory. Many treasure cards are powerful, but some can only be used once.

The servant of Shinji Makiri who released the real name was the rider's ' Medusa ' as well as the original

After the 8th round, the climax round started with the top 4 players with the most results. The 5th place and below, which did not get the results of the battle, will be dropped at this point and will be excluded from the Holy Grail War. For example, in the case of the following image, 19 points of Mifune Kirei, 8 points Shiro Emiya, and 5 points Tohsaka Rin will be dropped out from the Holy Grail War.

However, Shiro Emiya, the main character of the original, participates in the climax round with the ability ' all distant Utopia ' even if the battle result is bad. On the other hand, voices of regret saying 'It's a hero's correction!'

Furthermore, during the climax round, Sakura Maki will activate a super powerful skill that “the magical power will be infinite”. The editorial staff who knew the original was grinning, 'I see, it's about ...'

In the climax round, at the end of the round, the master with the fewest fights will drop out. In addition, the situation card is changed to a card according to the number of people, and the magic power is also easy to accumulate, so you can use many powerful cards.

As the climax round progresses, the end of the Holy Grail War is decorated by Shinji Makiri and Sakurai Maki.

Shinji Matagiri uses a “ sitting ” card that can give as many cards as possible with a power of 3 or less.

Battle with 5 cards. The total card score is 5 points + 0 points + 3 points + 2 points + 3 points = 13 points.

Furthermore, depending on the event card, 5 points will be added for each 'Strength' attribute skill card. Since there were 2 strength attribute cards, an additional 10 points were added for a total of 23 points. Shinji will send out a very powerful attack to his sister, although the profit of the ground has been invalidated by the event card.

In contrast, Kiri Sakura releases the real name of the servant. The servant was the “ media ” of the casters.

Due to the effects of the media treasure ' All the rules that should be defeated (rule breaker) ', Shinji Makiri was defeated. Cherry blossoms won an overwhelming victory over his brother because of the cards that can only be used once and the release of the real name.

As Sakura Taki kicked Shinji Kiri between 2nd place, 53 results were recorded, and Sakuragi was the winner of the Holy Grail War in GIGAZINE editorial department.

This time, we played with “Normal Rule”, but it was a long three-hour battle, as everyone was able to understand the rules and proceed. It takes time to figure out what you can do in each phase, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of servants and masters, but once you understand them, you can go ahead with the game. Impression that the original Holy Grail War of fighting by guessing treasure cards from the opponent's cards has been successfully dropped into the board game, making it a highly strategic game. Because the servant was chosen at random, the original fan could play as an if story, and it was a game that I wanted to play many times. There is also a “Casual Rule” that does not use an event card and enters the climax round in the fourth round, which is half of the original, so you can enjoy it in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

'Dominate Grail War -Fate / stay night on Board Game-' can be purchased for 6000 yen (excluding tax) at board game shops such as ANIPLEX +, DELiGHTWORKS STORE, Animate, Yellow Submarine. Also, Amazon.co.jp can be purchased at 8350 yen including tax at the time of article publication

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