YouTube announces policy change for copyright management using Content ID



YouTube uses a mechanism called ' Content ID ' to compare the content owner's files with the content of videos uploaded to YouTube and check whether copyright-protected materials are being used. The change this time is that the content owner has not uploaded the file in advance, but the rule is that if you make a claim manually later, you can earn money from someone else's video using a very short file It became impossible.

YouTube Creator Blog: Updates to our manual Content ID claiming policies

YouTube limits manual copyright claims of brief or unintentional music-The Verge

“Content ID” is a mechanism that is appreciated by content owners, in that they can share revenue if authorized content owners allow the reuse of video material uploaded to YouTube. For creators as well, if there is a complaint about the intended song, it will not be uniformly `` blocked / deleted because of copyright infringement '', but the video will be left with the approval of the content owner It is a system that helps.

However, there have been cases in which this mechanism is exploited to make claims using very short files and take away profits from creators. From the creator's point of view, it was in a very troubled state that claims were made on a file that could catch only a part of the music that was not intended at all.

In July 2019, the manual claim system was changed to 'Request a time stamp for which part of the video is used' in July 2019. In the Creator Studio editing tool, you can now remove the claimed content portion from the video using a time stamp and automatically release the claim and restore monetization.

In addition to this, this policy change also prohibits monetization of creator videos (selection of option for content owners to receive revenue) with very short files. However, this is only for manual claims and automatic claims are not applicable.

This change is based on a balance between copyright holders and creators, and in the long term it should be a helpful change for creators, but in the short term there will be more videos that are completely blocked YouTube warns that there is a possibility.

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