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SB food ' side dishes chili oil as new products', will be released twist the numbness of spicy and HanaHajikami of pepper to 'Asa辣side dish chili oil' from September 2, 2019 (Monday). Along with this, 'savory taste! Side dish oil', 'Parapara side dish oil' and 'garlic zero side dish oil' will be refreshed. “Eat ra oil” had the impression that it was the peak of the boom around 2010-2011, but after that, there was an impression that “it has come to line up on the table as a seasoning”. Will it gain momentum with the appearance of new flavors?

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Scientifically reveals how elephants are less likely to get cancer-gigazine

How was music made on Nintendo's “Super Nintendo”? -GIGAZINE

What is a scam that can't accept an expensive lens purchased on the Amazon Marketplace and reject the Amazon money back guarantee? -GIGAZINE

Three reasons why 'personalization (personal optimization)' fails-GIGAZINE

How is the inside and brain of a creative person different from ordinary people? -GIGAZINE

10 giant creatures that once prospered but were extinct-gigazine

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(PDF file) Written opinion about the effect of 'NMR Pipetector'

This device, in which only magnets are used, is considered not to have a useful effect of reducing red rust.

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`` Completely crazy '' bond market, even Japanese government bonds become `` high yield bond ''-Bloomberg

Apology and report on the Aichi Triennale 2019 'Fairness of Expression-Afterwards'-Daisuke Tsuda-Medium

Ministry of Defense, map full of errors Expert 'Lack of fundamental knowledge': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Aichi University Repository

Seven, a nationwide store owner apologize for the 10,000 yen quo card pay problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bear shot killing, 300 opinions in Sapporo City Most protests from outside the road: Hokkaido Shimbun electronic version

Is Mori Mori's executive from the Ministry of Finance imprisoned for re-indictment by the ambassador to the UK?

'26th incident' Navy's top secret document found 4 days until convergence | NHK News

NHK News

“Typhoon kills almost everyone in Shandong Province” China Tencent apologizes for misinformation 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Trump, the leader of Japan and South Korea, at the time of his speech: The Asahi Shimbun Digital

NHK Flying Body “Short Range Ballistic Missile” Korean Army Officials | NHK News

President Bun, the reason for weakening Japan's criticism is feelings toward Japan, overheating: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Trump buys wheat in the US “to make him feel better”-Farmers rebound-Bloomberg

North Korea 'does not face again' with South Korea

'Challenge to sovereignty, not allowed' Chinese scholar, criticism of Hong Kong demonstration: Asahi Shimbun Digital

US millionaires deceased during detention, broken several places, experts 'are not suicide'-Reuters

Nippon Agricultural Newspaper-Can't carry around? Gas station refueling “Don't accept” farmer “worried”

There are also cases where GS, which refrains from carrying canned oil, have continued in the area, and customers who want to carry canned oil have gathered in one GS and have been refused due to exceeding the specified quantity.

In response to complaints about GS from farmers and other users, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire Department issued a notification to local fire departments and GS management companies on the 7th of this month. The standard for the amount sold to containers at each gas station is basically less than 200 liters a day, but if employees who can handle hazardous materials are refueled and equipped with safety equipment for refueling facilities, sales of 200 liters or more are possible. It is the content that you accept.

The agency said, “If it is not supplied to those who want to carry canned oil, it may be a burden on the people's lives. I would like to continue to call for safety measures” (Dangerous Goods Security Office).

Brazil game consoles are easy to buy and taxes are drastically reduced | NHK News

Is the Hong Kong government spending 200 billion yen demo? Announcing the policy of spreading fire: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Notre Dame cathedral damaged by fire, 'risk of collapse' due to heat wave 8 photos from the French Ministry of Culture International News: AFPBB News

US Parliament summons online bulletin board administrator 1 photo in the crime statement of suspected gun shooting International News: AFPBB News

China's Hong Kong demonstration does not repress armed forces Trump sues dialogue resolution-Reuters

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Simon_Sin 'If you decide to do something that wasn't in vain because you're so cute, you'll end up saying' Let's do it again '-Togetter

Lack of imagination makes people angry ... Impressions of 'boys who do not run out of cake' |

About '500 won coin' and 'old 500 yen coin' are similar about [Dema] that Japan has cast down the casting machine-Togetter

How to avoid “fun”? [The trouble of editing Japanese]-in between days

Sakai Yadan of Go, turned into a doctor `` 20 years, thinking about life in 30 years ''-Mainichi Newspaper

Annually 5,000 teachers take leave due to mental illness. “Work style” that cannot be reformed behind it-FNN.jp Prime Online

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Survey results show that advertisements posted on pirated sites slash consumers' willingness to buy |

[Apude / 10] After WindowsUpdate on August 14, 2019, VB-related deaths. In all versions of Windows 10: Niche PC gamer environment construction

Handle 1 million requests per second-Google's common authorization base Zanzibar-Reinvent for invention

The Tokyo Olympics ended in great success.-Summary wiki-URL that can not be tweeted-Togetter

[Python] Passed the Python engineer certification basic test-Diary of Mike

Invalid procedure call or argument. | RelaxTools Addin for Excel 2010/2013/2016

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TV animation `` Chickling outbreak boy '' PV 1st bullet-YouTube

`` Lord Ermeloy II's case book '' understood in 2 minutes-YouTube

Announcement of “Sho grip 2019 # 3 # 4” canceled-NEWS-News | Star and wing paradox | SQUARE ENIX

From last week until yesterday, there were several killing notices to the “Star and Wings Paradox” management team.

A new color appears in `` Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK® 4) ''!-YouTube

Thank you Master for 5 years! -YouTube

The author of `` Mogu Mogu Kirby '' posted a comic about the disturbance-Togetter

The comic app “Shonen Jump +” is no longer available for those under the age of 16 and readers rage! ! What is the pros and cons of children truncation strategy and the direction of web comics? -Togetter

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Players are terribly scared at the “fertilizer triathlon” where unpurified sewage spreads out | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

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News Release 'Osatsu Snack' | Calbee, Inc.

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