I tried 'Surf & Turf Burger' with Eggs' n Things to enjoy the prawns and thick beef patties at once and make the mouth happy

'Popular in volume and realism menu of Hawaiian-style, such as whipped cream plenty of pancake Eggs' n Things from', enjoy the sea and the riches of the soil luxury burger 'Surf & Turf Burger' is 2019 August 16 (Friday) Appears for a limited time only on Sunday, September 1, 2019. Shrimp entwined with hot sauce using chili and juicy 100% beef patties are wrapped in fluffy buns, so I decided to eat it as soon as possible.

A luxury hamburger where you can enjoy seafood and mountain food! 'Surf & Turf Burger' August 16th (Fri)-September 1st (Sun), 2019 Limited Sale-Eggs' n Things [Official]

Arrived at Eggs' n Things.

If you order 'Surf & Turf Burger' (1380 yen plus tax), you will arrive in about 15 minutes.

It looks like this when comparing the size with a transportation IC card.

Inside the buns are colorful shrimps, tomatoes, lettuce and beef patties with hot sauce. The yellow liquid dripping from the top of the meat is mustard sauce.

When you open the buns, you can see that there is avocado paste (guacamole).

When eating a bite, the shrimp with a crispy texture was finished with a hot sauce. Fluffy buns have a strong buttery scent.

The thick beef patties spread the umami of the meat every time you bite, and it goes well with the sour taste of mustard sauce. It was a hamburger where you can enjoy seafood and mountain food together. There are plenty of ingredients such as heavy patties and vegetables, shrimp with 4 tails, and even one can be quite full.

The fried potatoes provided together are well packed with potato umami and can be eaten in plenty.

“Surf & Turf Burger” is 1380 yen excluding tax, and is limited to the period from August 16, 2019 (Friday) to September 1, 2019 (Sunday), Eggs' n Things LaLaport Nagoya Minato Acrus Store Eggs' n Things Coffee Available at Eggs' n Things nationwide excluding Takasaki OPA and Eggs' n Things Coffee 髙 Takashimaya Station Mall.

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