What is Guntai Ali's 'war' that crushes opponents with millions of violence?


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Unlike general ants, it does not make a nest, but Guntai ants marching like an army are known for their fierceness of attacking prey with a huge group that overwhelms their opponents. A movie explaining such Guntai Ali's 'war' is released on YouTube.

The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant-YouTube

Ants are said to have been born 160 million years ago, and now live in a wide range of areas on the earth, adapting to various environments.

There seem to be 16,000 kinds of ants at the time of article creation ...

It is said that the number of individuals exceeds 1 Kyo.

The total weight of ants from all over the world is equivalent to 20% of the total weight of all the creatures on Earth.

The reason why ants flourished on the earth ...

Like human beings, many individuals live together.

In addition to building complex nests and raising livestock as livestock, there are also ants who do farm work.

And wars by a large number of individuals are also conducted on a daily basis.

There seems to be a lot of wars of the same kind, but the larger the ant swarm, the more ants die.

Among them, the ants that fight fiercely are called ants. It is said that there are 200 types of Guntai Ali all over the world ...

Lives like a nomad with millions of friends without making a nest.

If you encounter a hunting ant who sometimes hunts in a 100m row, even small animals and large insects will be killed in no time and broken apart. When it comes to large flocks, it can kill up to 500,000 animals in a single day of hunting.

There are also Guntai ants that target insects living in groups, such as termites and bees. The situation where a lot of insects collide with each other is just a war.

Hornets are scary insects ...

If the nest is attacked by Guntai ants, there will be no one.

In a one-on-one battle, the hornets will be armed, but Guntai Ali will invade the nests with a number of things.

And Guntai Ali carries out larvae as food and causes devastating damage to wasps' nests.

Also, even if you encounter other ants, Guntai ants will set a war without mercy.

Soldier ants specializing in battle among Guntai ants are not so big compared to other ants. However, Guntai Ali seems to win the war by overwhelming the opponent with a huge number anyway.

Once a war breaks out, it will cause devastating damage to both the opponent and the gun ant, but sometimes the gun ant may annihilate the opponent.

However, if Guntai ants encounter each other ...

Throughout each other without developing into a battle, or adjust to avoid colliding with distance.

This property seems to have been acquired in the process of evolution, the type of warriors that do not matter between Guntai ants will be extinct by damaging each other and thought that Guntai ants with the nature of avoiding the fight between Guntai ants survived to this day It has been.

There seems to be an ant that does not reach the war with Guntai Ali, and as soon as it is attacked by Guntai Ali, the type of

Pheidole desertorum is able to carry out larvae as much as possible and increase the survival probability of the flock.

Also, the kind of ant called

Pheidole obtusospinosa has a square and huge head ...

Block the burrow with your head to prevent the attack of Guntai ants. In this way, it seems that there are many types of ants that have a defense mechanism against Guntai ants.

There is also an ant that crosses the Guntai ant.

Hachiriari is known for its nature that workers ants climb various trees, cut leaves, and carry them to the nest one after another, and have a complex sociality that is not inferior to humans ...

Nests of several meters in depth, width, and depth are made to maintain a high level of division of labor.

Among them, soldier ants have a particularly large body, which is nearly 100 times the weight of worker ants.

Soldier ants are specialized in the war with Guntai ants and have the role of defeating Guntai ants who have attacked them.

However, hachiriari is not safe. In the type of Guntai

ant called Nommyrmex esenbeckii , which feeds on ant larvae, soldier ants have very hard armor and are one of the few that can win the war against Hakiriari .

As soon as Hakiriari senses the attack of Nommyrmex esenbeckii, he becomes strictly alert ...

Soldier ants come to the battle zone.

Many ants are mixed in a battle zone with a width of several meters and a depth of 1 meter.

Soldier ants basically battle one-on-one and try to bite and kill the opponent's neck. Furthermore, ants with small bodies also participate in the war, and they are supporting their own soldiers by trying to sneak behind their opponents and bite their feet.

Nomamyrmex esenbeckii's worker ants also support soldier ants by, for example, injecting poison into Hachiriari. The number of Guntai ants is a threat in a large-scale war, and Hakiriari realizes inferiority in the fight against Nommyrmex esenbeckii ...

Go back to the burrow and hurry up to build a barricade.

Unfortunately, if Barricade construction failed, a large amount of Nommyrmex esenbeckii invaded the burrow.

Carrying out larvae and so on, even if the Hachiriari colony itself persists, it will be very damaging.

In the war with Guntaiari, no matter which one wins, a huge number of corpses will remain on the battlefield.

However, even if there is serious damage, there is no sign that the war between ants will disappear. Whether in the rainforest or in a city surrounded by concrete, ants are fighting every day.

Humans are increasingly trying to avoid war, but the day when peace comes to the world of ants may be far away.

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