I tried to eat all three types of completely nutritional food ``All-in NOODLES'' cups that can easily take nutrients that modern people tend to lack

Taking a good balance of many nutrients is important for maintaining good health and improving quality of life, but according to the “

2017 National Health and Nutrition Survey ” published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, many Japanese people need it. It seems that you are not getting enough nutrients. In today's busy society, with the demand for foods that can easily consume the nutrients needed for one day, Nissin Foods' all-in-PASTA complete nutrition food announced in March 2019 has received a great response. I was blown away. Five months after that, 'All-in NOODLES ' was newly introduced as the second series of 'All-in series', so I tried to eat what kind of complete nutrition food.

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You can see what the first 'All-in PASTA' of the 'All-in series' was like by reading the following review article.

Nissin ``All-in PASTA'' tasting review, which filled the noodles with all the nutrition needed for people to realize ``complete food'' with cup noodles-GIGAZINE

Unlike 'All-in PASTA', 'All-in NOODLES' is a Chinese buckwheat type nutritional food. This time, I will eat 'All-in NOODLES' noodles and cup noodles developed for 'All-in NOODLES', which is a set of sauce and ingredients, ' All-in NOODLES egg yolk sauce and chili oil ' There are three types: ' Kokuyomi Soba ', ' All-in NOODLES Pakchi-scented Tom Yum Mazesoba ' and ' All-in NOODLES Sesame Scented Tandan Mazesoba '.

First of all, I'll try eating from 'All-in NOODLES egg yolk and soy sauce soba flavored with chili oil'.

“All-in NOODLES” also includes “Recommended/Target/Target for 30-49-year-old men” in “ (PDF file)

Japanese Dietary Intake Standards (2015 version) ” announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. And, more than 1/3 amount of vitamins and minerals required for one day is mixed. Detailed ingredients can be confirmed on the official website . In addition to 13 kinds of vitamins, 13 kinds of minerals, protein, and dietary fiber being contained in one serving, sugar is 40% off compared to general Chinese noodles. The noodles of 'All-in NOODLES egg yolk sauce and chili oil simmered in soy sauce' have a salt-equivalent amount of 3.0g and protein of 25.8g.

Looking at the raw material names, it seems that the noodles contain dolomite, which excels in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as yeast and dietary fiber. In addition, the sauce contains egg yolk sauce and flavor oil, and the oyster contains seasoned pork and green onion. In addition, 'spicyness level' was '2' in 5 grade evaluation.

The amount of heat per meal is 546 kcal.

It looks like this when you remove the paper package.

Inside the cup was All-in NOODLES noodles, liquid drool, shredded egg yolk drool.

In addition, the bag of All-in NOODLES contains noodles and loose oil.

All-in NOODLES uses the 'Nutrition Hold Press Manufacturing Method' developed by Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. to confine the nutrients that easily leak when vitamins and minerals are boiled inside the noodles. On the other hand, it is said that a wheat-based layer that creates taste and texture wraps the outside of the noodles, reducing the effect of nutrition that tends to bitter and acrid on taste. The noodles have a seaweed-like scent and the surface is rugged, giving it an atmosphere different from that of general Chinese noodles.

Let's make all-in NOODLES cup noodles. First, set up the transparent lid tabs...

Put All-in NOODLES in the cup.

Then, it is also turned on.

Pour hot water to the line inside the cup. The standard amount of hot water is approximately 470 ml.

Close the lid and wait 6 minutes. At this time, it is necessary to warm the liquid drop on the lid.

Remove hot water after 6 minutes...

Add all the loosening oil to loosen the All-in NOODLES. The loose oil has a strong garlic scent and is appetizing.

Next, add liquid and egg yolk and mix well...

Completion of 'All-in NOODLES egg yolk sauce and rich oil simmered in chili oil'. The scent of sesame oil and garlic is so strong that it makes you hungry just by smelling it.

When you try it, the spicy spiciness of chili oil and the umami of soy sauce-based sauce spread in your mouth, and the thick noodles combine to create a soy sauce-like finish. The noodles have a slightly rugged texture and it is difficult to squeeze the noodles with 'zuzzu', but I enjoyed the texture of the ingredients such as char siu and green onions, and I was satisfied with one cup.

Next, 'All-in NOODLES Pakchi-scented Tom Yum Mazesoba'.

The salt equivalent of 'All-in NOODLES Pakchi-scented Tom Yum Mazesoba' is 2.8 g including sauce and oyster, and 25.6 g of protein.

The raw material of the noodles is the same as that of 'All-in NOODLES egg yolk sauce and rich oil soy sauce soba', except that the sauce contains Tom Yum paste, coconut milk, etc. , And had red pepper. However, the 'spicyness level' is '1', which does not seem to be as spicy as one would imagine from raw materials.

The amount of heat per meal is 454 kcal.

Inside the cup was All-in NOODLES noodles, a drip of liquid, a shred and a sprinkle.

Put All-in NOODLES and Kayaku in a cup……

Pour hot water to the line inside the cup, cover and wait 6 minutes. Warming a liquid drop on the lid is like any other cup.

After boiling, loosen the noodles with loosening oil, add a liquid sauce and mix well……

Finally sprinkle with furikake.

This completes 'All-in NOODLES Pakchi-scented Tom Yum Mazesoba'. Due to the fact that it contains coconut milk, it has a slightly sweet scent, as well as a mix of red pepper and pac chi.

When you eat it, the sweet sauce and the scent of Pakchi spread in your mouth, and the spiciness of the spicy red pepper tightens the taste. On the other hand, I felt the refreshing and refreshing taste of lemongrass, and I was able to enjoy a wide variety of flavors in one cup. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a slightly unusual taste.

At the end, I will eat 'All-in NOODLES sesame scented rich Tandan Mazesoba'.

The salt contained in 'All-in NOODLES sesame scented Tandan Mazesoba' is 3.6g including sauce and oyster, and 29g of protein.

The ingredients of the noodles are the same as the other ingredients, and the sesame and pork extract are included in the sauce. The oysters are minced pork and pak choy, and they were accompanied by Japanese pepper and red pepper as spices. The 'spicyness level' is '2'.

The amount of heat per meal is 573 kcal.

Inside the cup was All-in NOODLES noodles, liquid drool, shimmer and spices.

Put All-in NOODLES and Kayaku in a cup……

Pour hot water and wait for 6 minutes while warming the drip on the lid.

After removing the hot water, add the loosening oil to loosen it, then add the liquid drip and mix well.

Finally, spice it up and complete the 'All-in NOODLES sesame scented Tandan Mazesoba'.

The scent of Japanese pepper in the spice mixes with the fragrant scent of the sardine, which makes it very appetizing.

When you eat it immediately, the rich sardines, the spiciness of the pepper, and the texture of the meat are reminiscent of Tandan Mazesoba. With the spicy Japanese pepper scent, it is hard to stop eating. People who are not good at spicy may want to be a little careful as the spiciness of peppers and peppers is strongly felt.

“All-in NOODLES” will be available for purchase from the

official online store of Nissin Foods from Monday, August 19, 2019. At the time of writing the article, it is possible to make a reservation from the 'All-in NOODLES' official website, 12% off the 5 meal set with noodles only, and 6 meals with 2 cups of 3 different flavors 10% off each set, 9 meals set of 3 each.

In addition, the set of 'All-in PASTA' and 'All-in NOODLES' is open for reservation, so you can eat and compare two kinds of complete nutrition foods.

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