A woman gets a big burn with `` V steaming '' steaming a female vessel


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A woman who was doing “ V (Female Genital) Steaming ” sitting on hot water containing herbs and others suffered a serious burn that reached her dermis . Doctors warn that it is a dangerous alternative.

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`` V Steaming '' is a folk remedy that has been carried out in Africa and Asia since ancient times, and it is revealed that actress Gwyneth Paltrow is practicing for the purpose of cleaning the uterus and balancing female hormones around 2015 It became a hot topic. There is also a Japanese midwifery hospital that has been implementing the same folk remedy “ Yomogi Steaming ” in South Korea as a measure for gynecological diseases.

A woman is doing V steaming.

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face mask / heat pad / vagina steam no I don't know if any of this works but it can't hurt right? * vagina dissolves *

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Meanwhile, there was an accident in which the woman who was doing this V steaming burned to reach the dermis below the epidermis.

V Steaming burned a 62-year-old woman living in China. The woman suffered from the vagina leaving her body due to a disease called pelvic organ prolapse , and she was treated at a hospital using a pessary , a medical device that was inserted into the vagina. However, because this treatment was not effective, we planned an operation to rebuild the vagina.

V steaming was performed in parallel with this treatment. According to the instruction of a doctor who specializes in traditional therapy, the woman placed the toilet seat on a pan filled with hot water with herbal medicine and sat for 20 minutes twice every other day, but then felt strange Visit a hospital emergency department. Upon examination by a doctor, it was found that the vaginal mucosa and cervix were burned at a burn depth of 2 degrees .

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Fortunately, there were no signs of infectious disease, but the operation was postponed until the burns were healed, resulting in women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse for a long time.

Medical professionals have questioned the safety and necessity of V-steaming, and there is a voice saying that “there is no scientific basis, but rather an adverse effect”.

Dr. Vanessa McKay, who is in charge of public relations at the Royal Obstetrics and Gynecology Association in the UK, accuses the idea that vagina cleaning is a 'myth'. “Good bacteria are present in the vagina and play a role in protecting the mucous membrane. V-steaming breaks the balance of these bacteria and pH , causing symptoms such as irritation, infection, and inflammation.” She said that she only needs to wash her vulva lightly with unscented soap.

Magali Robert, a researcher in obstetrics and gynecology, who wrote a paper on this case, said that “healthcare professionals should be very careful about alternative medicine”, and patients were based on information He indicated that careful attention should be given to the provision of information so that the choice can avoid danger.

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