A plate of soup can stop the war

Food cheese is deeply related to history, such as the fact that powdered cheese was

developed as an ingredient that will not be damaged in the battlefield. Switzerland has a “soup that stopped the war” and is still a symbol of peace.

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At one point, the two groups were still in a state of war.

However, at that time, 'powerful beings' succeeded in calming the people in the war.

This “powerful existence” was actually a cup of soup.

The story is set in a region called Kappel in Switzerland. The legendary soup was born in Kappel about five centuries ago.

According to Georg Kreis, a historian at the University of Basel, the legendary soup is 'milk soup.'

In 1529, the two Catholic and Protestant schools began to oppose in Kappel. The leaders of both groups were negotiating ...

During that time, the infantry soldiers who stood and faced each other gradually became friends.

And the tired and hungry infantry said they started to eat together, regardless of whether they were Catholic or Protestant. Catholic infantry bring milk, Protestant infantry bring bread ...

Created a legendary milk soup. As a result, the battle was interrupted and a truce was concluded.

There is a battle monument in Kappel ...

The monument is engraved with “Cappel's Milk Soup”. Milk soup is still regarded as a symbol of peace in modern times.

The place changes and the person who makes soup in the kitchen is projected.

I am tasting ...

Robert Habegger who runs the restaurant.

Habegger's restaurant looks like this.

“Even if you argue with someone, drinking soup will end the fight and peace will come again,” says Habegger.

The soup poured into the plate feels like a thick cheese.

Some people call milk soup 'Peacemaker soup'.

Habegger's milk soup is arranged in a modern style, not to mention milk and bread ...

Butter ...

Onions, leeks, cream, vegetable broth and salt and pepper are used.

Habegger says it's creamy like cheese fondue, but lighter than cheese fondue.

The next time the battle breaks out, “drinking milk soup together” may be a solution.

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