If it is too real, the movie that has made the live version of the topic `` Lion King '' into an animated version of Lion King with Deep Fake

Published in 1994, the Disney masterpiece animated movie '

The Lion King ,' a live-action version revived in modern 3DCG technology ' The Lion King ' has been published from August 9, 2019 (Friday). There are indications that some of the images are so realistic that they “remember the creepy valley ”, and there are pros and cons to the live-action version. Such a live-action version of Lion King, which is too real, made use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a famous actress's porn video and called the topic `` fake porn '', the face of the person in the movie without discomfort A movie that has been replaced with the animated version of Lion King using the technology ' Deep Fake ' to replace another person has been released.

I used 'deep fakes' to fix the Lion King-YouTube

Small feet that step on the earth. There is no difference between the live-action version (left) and the deep fake version (right).

However, the simba's face is different from the real-life look of the live-action version, and the deep fake version has the feeling that the animated version of the simba is reproduced with CG without a sense of incompatibility.

I don't feel a big difference when I close my eyes ...

I feel a big difference when I open my eyes. I feel the size of the role of eyes in character design.

A scene where Rafiki holds a Simba. The deep fake version with big eyes seems to convey the feeling of Simba more.

The villain Scar looks more dreaded in the live-action version.

Nara, a childhood friend of Simba.

A figure of a grown simba. The live-action version feels dignified as a king, while the deep fake version feels kindness.

Scar leading hyena.

Simba's friends Meerkat Timon and Warthog Pumba. Obviously the deep fake version feels more caressed.

The movie was created by artist Nikolay Mochkin , and the movie has been played over 1.2 million times in just two days from the release, and more than 11,000 high evaluations have been gathered. In the comments section, “Scar feels good! I was more interested in the movie,” or “I don't know why the creator had to pursue realism rather than look and feel. There were opinions such as “I want to see the entire movie in deep fake” and “I want to see the whole movie deeply”.

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