A course that reproduces the 3D dungeon RPG solid labyrinth with 2D side scrolling `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' has become a hot topic around the world

With the Super Mario Maker 2 game, you can freely create and play the Super Mario Series 2D side-scrolling action course on the Nintendo Switch. First person view like the Wizardry series, World Tree Labyrinth , or Phantasy Star A fierce man who created the 3D dungeon appeared. It was so popular that it was featured in overseas media, saying, “The adventure game has been reproduced brilliantly beyond Nintendo's assumptions,” so I actually played it.

Nintendo Switch `` Super Mario Maker 2 '' reproduces the 3D dungeon `` Sandy's maze house / 3D MAZE HOUSE ''-YouTube

When the course starts, you will see a Western-style building covered with ivy, deep in the spooky alley where Teresa flies around.

The screen looks like this when you pass through the Western-style door. The upper left corner shows the interior of the Western building from the first person perspective, and the lower left corner shows the number of floors and a map. The red square is where Mario is located. And the player's back-and-forth and left-and-right movements are reproduced by passing through a clay pipe and door with Mario. For example, if you enter the right door in the following scene, turn right at the crossroads.

If you turn to the right, the road is divided in two again and there is an elevator at the end. In addition, the mapping function reproduced using the on-off block added in “Super Mario Maker 2” is enabled properly, and the position of the red on-block changes each time you move.

When I headed to the elevator at the end of the trial, I found that I got down to the basement with 'B1'. And I found a door with a key at the end. Apparently, in order to escape from the Western-style building, it is necessary to find the key to the door.

I came back to the first place. Next time, go to the stairs that can be seen at the end.

I climbed the stairs to get to the second floor. One one is at the end.

Turn right on the corridor on the 2nd floor and you were able to get out of the Western-style building. I thought it would be fine and escape ...

There was no exit anywhere, so give up and turn back.

In the pavilion, three pink coins necessary to get the key are hidden. In order to get pink coins, “battle” and “avoid traps” are waiting for you, and it is fully equipped with Mario-like action elements.

In addition, although there is no direct relationship with the progress of the game, there was also a scene that was grinning, with a detailed presentation that “the dead end of the hallway is a window and you can see the outside of the Western-style building”.

The course was completed in about 5 minutes. Although the difficulty level is not so high, the 3D dungeon RPG-like atmosphere was reproduced beautifully with 2D scroll action, and I felt that I played Mario, but played a game completely different from Mario.

This course was created by Mr.

Negi-chin , the course name is “ Sandy's Maze House / 3D MAZE HOUSE ” and the course ID is “ P59-698-55G ”. The course has won the first place in the world weekly ranking, and you can see that it has gained a lot of support from not only Japanese fans but also overseas fans.

The overseas media VICE praised the course, saying, 'The adventure game has been reproduced brilliantly beyond Nintendo's assumptions.'

A First-Person Adventure Is One of the Coolest Mario Maker Levels Yet-VICE

Kotaku, an overseas game media, said, “A smart player made a first-person dungeon game with Super Mario Maker 2.” “This idea has spread all over the world, and more first-person dungeon courses will be born in the future. I expect. '

Clever Player Creates First-Person Dungeon-Crawler In Mario Maker 2

At the time of writing the article, the number of players is over 38,000. There were more than 13,000 people who did, and the clearing rate was about 55%.

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