I have eaten Ministop's `` Belgium Choco Lymphae '' which can enjoy pudding with outstanding nut flavor and rich chocolate and egg flavor at the same time

Is cooking and provide a popular store in MINISTOP

parfait in, savory Mixed Nuts a thick Belgian chocolate, and used a smooth pudding 'Belgium chocolate pudding parfait' will have a new appearance. By adding improvements to the pudding of “ Smooth Purimuphe ”, the most popular ministop parfait, we have eaten at once because it is a parfait where you can enjoy marijuana of pudding and chocolate.

Belgian Choco Lymphae | Ministop Parfait | Ministop
-Rich chocolate sauce entwined with pudding-'Belgium Choco Lymphae' | Ministop
(PDF) https://www.ministop.co.jp/corporate/release/assets/pdf/20190807_10.pdf

I came to Ministop.

At the store, we are appealing to Belgian chocolate pudding festival.

That's why this is the 'Belgium Choco Lymphae' (386 yen including tax) that I ordered.

There is plenty of pudding in the lower layer of the container, on top of which is a ministop classic product vanilla-flavored

soft cream , chocolate sauce with 83% Belgian chocolate, and almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts 3 A lot of mixed nuts are topped.

There was almost one macadamia nut on it.

When comparing parfait with iPhone XS with genuine case , it looks like this. The height is just about the same.

When you eat a bite, the soft chocolate cream that has a milky taste and rich vanilla flavor is entwined with a rich chocolate sauce. As the flavors of vanilla-flavored soft cream and chocolate sauce continue to be eaten, the flavor changes every moment, so there is a pleasure that cannot be tasted with chocolate-flavored soft cream. I was surprised when I ate it. The amount of mixed nuts was amazing, and its presence was as strong as soft cream or chocolate sauce due to its fragrance and crunchy texture. If you are not satisfied with the amount of nuts that are topped in the sweets, this is a joyful amount.

If you look at the container from the side, you can see that the bottom layer is yellow.

Even if you eat normally, the difference in color between pudding and soft ice cream can be distinguished with a single shot.

The pudding is said to use twice as much raw milk as the pudding used for smooth purimuphe, but the rich flavor of the egg passed through the nose when eaten.

'Belgium Choco Lymphae' has been offered at Ministop nationwide since August 7, 2019, and the calorie per serving is 346 kcal. The selling price is 386 yen including tax.

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