'Low-fat potato chips that are delicious as they are' are developed with the power of science

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Potato chips are delicious enough to stop eating, but are also known to be unhealthy foods due to their high fat content. In the meantime, potato chips that reduce the amount of oil to be used while maintaining its deliciousness have been developed by the power of science.

Enabling the Rational Design of Low-Fat Snack Foods: Insights from In Vitro Oral Processing | Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Designing a better low-fat potato chip

One of the attractions of potato chips is its crispy texture. If you reduce the oil used in potato chips, this crispy texture will be lost and the appeal will be reduced. A research team led by PepsiCo , famous for Pepsi-Cola, conducted a quantitative analysis on the texture of potato chips, using a measuring device that mimics the process of eating food. It was.

The research team measured: 'First bite' 'Potato chips are wetted by saliva and then crushed by teeth' 'Enzyme in saliva digests starch in potato chips and soft particles The potato chips are integrated and 'condensed chunks are swallowed.' The research team mechanically measured the force required to crush the potato chips to examine the texture of the first bite, and softened to examine the texture when the granulated potato chips were integrated The hydration rate of the potato chips particles was measured.

The research team developed a method of coating ordinary low-fat potato chips with a thin layer of seasoning oil using data obtained from experiments. Despite the fact that only 0.5% of the oil was needed for this technique, the low-fat potato chips coated with seasoning oil seemed to have a taste and texture similar to regular potato chips.

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The research team believes that this measurement data is useful for associating various types of measurement data with perceptions such as texture and deliciousness.

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