I tried to eat a 'devil pan!' 'Super devil pan' 'super panic! Devil pan' where a cute devil is melting in the pan where lots of peppers float

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Shabu-Shabu Wen vegetables ', which mainly offers shabu-shabu, is ' super hot ' in pursuit of ' super hot ' ! Two kinds of small devil hot pot and ' super hot hard! Devil hot pot ' are available from August 1, 2019 It has been. By putting plenty of tororo and collagen 'devil' in a pot based on the pot of Chinese cuisine, it will be put on the tongue to make it a super hot mania and it will produce a more devilish hotness. I went to meet with the very hot akumas as well as how hot it was and how hot it was.

Extremely hot for a limited time! Mao Tororo nabe | Shabu-shabu hot vegetables

Arrived at Shabu-shabu hot vegetables.

'Super hot! Small devil hot pot' and 'super hot hard! Devil hot pot' ordered 'Ma 辣 de de hot pot' which is one of the 'three color Toro fluffy summer hot pot', and then the clerk at the small devil Please say 'Please put it in a pot' 'OK please put it in a devil pot'. This time, I order the 3,280 yen tax-excluded all-you-can-eat plan. Furthermore, in order to eat and compare both pots this time, I decided to divide the same pot soup into a single pot and put it into the pots of 'Mato Tororo Pot' and 'Mato Tororo Pot'.

Here's how it's like a pot that's been around for about 10 minutes after being ordered.

The pot is divided into two as in the Taiko figure , and a hot pot is poured into both.

Umi hot pot is already seen that the powder of the pepper is floating on the surface. When IH stove on the desk is switched on and the pot warms up, the pungent odor peculiar to the chili peppers drifts around.

What came first in the set is summer vegetables such as leek, tomato, okra, cabbage, corn, mizuna, lettuce ...

Loess of the Andean plateau pig.

Put the vegetables in the pot ......

Shabu the meat.

When I try to eat, the exciting hotness of the pepper is firm, and the level of the hotness is like 'If you are not good at hotness, it may be a little hard.' However, not only the hotness but also the rich flavor of garlic and sour taste like garlic is firmly felt, and it is a taste like a kimchi pot rather than a hot pot.

When I was enjoying the hot shabu-shabu for half an hour, two akuma were carried to my seat.

'It's very hot! Akuma of small devil pot' looks like this. Among the red-stained torso, collagen-made akuma is used to the shoulder.

The polar bear's ears are claws. It has a lovely face, but the color of the peppers and tororo that it carries is quite high impact.

The devil made of collagen in 'super hot! Devil hot pot' is black all over the body, showing sharp eyes in the blue nails and the red bath.

Behind the devil, a lot of

flowers were sprinkled.

At first we sink Akma to sea of hot pot and hot pot.

A cool face, with an appearance of akuma that is caught up to the shoulder in a hot pot and a hot pot. I put it together, but it was soon scattered in the hot soup, and only the nails and akuma were floating.

Now I will sink Devil into a pot. As soon as Devil touched the pot, it turned red.

I was surprised that 'Collagen dissolves so fast!', And looking at the akuma loaded earlier, another 80 percent has melted even though it has not been a minute since it was loaded, I was united with the pot with a happy face.

And when I turned to Devil this time, the pot, which was no longer red like magma, was being consumed by the darkness that was born from the melted Devil.

A pot shaped like a taiko figure was dyed in red and black two-tone with Akma and Devil.

First of all, the melted Akma is extremely hot! Shabu the meat in a small devil pan.

When I try to eat it, although it has the name 'Extremely Hot!', The impression that it has been reduced to a milder taste than the default effect Hot Pot and it has changed to a mellow taste as a whole. The hot pot was considerably suppressed by the tororo, and it was so hot that even people who were not good at it could eat safely.

Now it's super hard like jet black darkness! Shabu the meat with the devil pot. Super hot! Devil pot is hotter! Because the viscosity is higher than that of a small devil pan and it gets entangled in the meat well, the more you shave it, the more the meat gets darker.

If you try eating while a little cautious, it's super hard! It is not so hot, and the taste is like full-fledged mapo tofu. There is more to me than the exciting taste of chili peppers, but the taste of the flower buds with a squeezing tongue works well, but it is not that I can not eat because the stimulus is too strong. Rather, it has a mild and mild stimulation, and it combines the unique flavor of the flower buds with its exquisite hotness and the rich richness of the hot pot miso soup. For the first time, I ate Chinese-style shabu with a strong taste of flower buds, which is quite ants. If the stimulation is not enough, eating the nails together will make the hotness even stronger.

You can ask for “Cheese

TKG ” as a closing menu for the all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat plan.

Extremely hot! Even the small devil pot is super hard! As time goes by, devil pots become thick and thick, and the viscosity of the soup increases with torros and collagen. Super hot to cheese TKG! Sprinkle devil pot soup ...

Try breaking the egg yolk and eating. The strong flavor of the flower bud that blows away even the flavor of powdered cheese from above is mildened by egg yolks and rice proceeds with moderate saltiness and umami.

Extremely hot! In a small devil pan soup, a rich cheese aroma is found in the exciting aroma of pepper. It turns into a slightly spicy Carbonara rice. It was the perfect menu for those who wanted a little volume and salty closing.

Extremely hot! Small devil pot and super hot! Devil pot is available for a limited time from Thursday, August 1, 2019 to Wednesday, September 11. Extremely hot! The small devil pan is served at a nationwide store of hot vegetables, but it is extremely hot! Devil pot is a limited offer at some stores. If you are concerned, please be sure to check the provided stores on the official site .

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