I played the game 'I will give you the words of the proposal I just thought about' that creates the strongest proposal in 10 seconds and gives a ring.

Proposal by combining word cards ' I will give you the words of the proposal I just thought about. ' Is a card game that creates proposals that can't stop laughing. I actually played and confirmed what kind of crazy proposal words would be born in this game that won the

Game Market Award 2018 Excellent Work Award.

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The package of 'I will give you the words of the proposal I just thought about' looks like this. An illustration of a bright red rose and a ring on the ring finger is drawn.

The target age is 13 years old and over, and the number of players is expected to be 3 to 6.

The contents are a play manual, 164 word cards, 36 initial cards, and 18 ring counters. The 'Game Overview' in the manual says, 'The happiest moment in your life! It's time to propose! This game is a game where you can experience such a great moment over and over again.' Expectations are high for the experience of 'the best moments'.

The word card looks like this. Some are typical words such as 'love' and 'happy,' while others are somewhat disturbing, such as 'gold.'

This is the initial card. There are 6 words with the same pattern in each of the 6 colors.

The initial card is not only on the front side ...

Words are also written on the back side.

There are 6 color x 3 = 18 ring counters. The color of the jewel on the ring is the same as the color of the card.

The jewels on the ring are shining, like a toy ring that thrilled my heart when I was young.

The size of the ring was adjustable so that anyone could wear it.

The game starts immediately. Each player stands by with an initial card and three ring counters of the same color as the card.

First of all, decide one parent player, and the non-parent draws 6 cards from the pile of word cards turned face down. The drawn card must not be turned face up yet.

When the parent player sees all the cards drawn, he closes his eyes and slowly counts 10. When the count starts, non-parents must check the word card and combine the word card with the initial card to make a proposal word by the end of the count.

After 10 counts, read out the words of the proposal you made in order from the left side of the parent, and finally say 'Let's get married!' And give the ring counter to the parent. Only one word can be selected on the initial card with four words written on it. The blue player gently presents the blue ring counter while speaking to the parent player the ardent proposal, 'I'm crazy about you, I don't want to lose, let's get married!'

The yellow player put out a ring and read aloud the proposal , 'Your anniversary foreign love, let's get married!'

When everyone has finished the proposal, parents choose the person who made the most exciting proposal. The parent player was moved by the proposal of the green player , 'No matter how hard it is, I'll break it and take good care of you, let's get married!'

The green player puts a glowing green ring on the parent player's left ring finger.

When you receive the ring, discard all 6 word cards, leaving the initial card. This is the end of one turn. The person to the left of the parent becomes the new parent and the next turn begins.

Continue to make proposal words until your ring counter reaches 0, and the first person to reach 0 will win.

How you know the words written on the initial card is the key to victory or defeat, and if you can't think of anything, create an orthodox proposal saying 'I love you, let's get married!' Is also OK.

You can make a proposal word such as ' I want to be happier than anyone else, let's get married! ' With just the word card.

All 164 word cards have different words written on them, so depending on the combination, a proposal that makes me embarrassed to hear, 'I 'm mellow until I die when I think of you, let's get married!'

Incoherent proposals such as ' Why are you in the dark, let's get married!' Will also be born.

When the long sentence was completed, not only the parents but also other players cheered. The longest proposal this time was a proposal of 7 cards, which was made by a purple player, ' I'm so crazy about you, I don't want to lose, I love you, let's get married! '.

Only the editorial staff who are not accustomed to the act of 'giving a ring to someone' participated in this play. At first, I was embarrassed and everyone was suspicious of their behavior, but as I continued the game, I grew up to be able to put a ring on my opponent's finger.

The game progressed, and when the long proposal ' You really love you, let's get married!' Was created, the ring counter became 0, the purple player won, and the game ended successfully. ..

When I actually played with it, there were scenes where I couldn't help but laugh at the unexpected words of love and the mysterious declaration that was no longer a proposal. Since the criteria for selection will change depending on the parent player, in order to win, it is necessary not only to grasp the card quickly but also to identify the character of the parent player and select the word of proposal, so it is necessary to respond flexibly. It was a game that was played.

'I will give you the words of the proposal I just thought about.' Is available for purchase for 3400 yen at the time of article publication.

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