Hot dog flavored ice cream bursts

' Ice Dog Sandwich (ice dog sandwich) ' was announced that sandwiches two flavors of 'mustard-flavored ice cream' and 'candied hot dog with ice cream' with cookie buns. It's a joke, but it's really going to be commercialized.

Oscar Mayer is releasing a hot dog-infused ice cream sandwich

Oscar Mayer hot dog ice cream sandwich is both real and terrifying-CNET

Oscar Mayer , who manufactures and sells processed foods such as hot dogs, bacons and hams, suddenly announced 'Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich' on Twitter on August 1, 2019. Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich is a food that sandwiches two flavors of cookie buns, an ice cream mixed with candied Oscar Mayer hot dog and an ice cream made with spicy mustard. Along with the words 'I want to eat? It will appear in August!' On Twitter, a questionnaire asking questions about the hot dog flavor ice is being conducted, and 77% answered 'No' at the time of writing the article You are

Ice Dog Sandwich receives French's mustard ice cream announced on July 31, 2019 Oscar Mayer says 'Who eats only seasoning? Mustard is for Oscar Mayer's hot dog ... It was announced that '...'.

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Oscar Mayer said, 'Do not criticize until you try eating,' commented, 'Well kidding. Who will eat yellow ice cream? Remember the Yellow Snow Cupcake '. Yellow Snow Cupcake is a product that has been talked about in the past, 'like snow covered with a pee.'

The comment, 'I am serious,' said, 'Very. The world needs more of our beloved hot dogs.'

Oscar Mayer will start distributing Ice Dog Sandwich samples from the third week of August in the Manhattan area of New York, USA.

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