Filling the hospital with 'something' can overwhelm the patient's anxiety, stress and pain overwhelmingly


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The hospital is an environment where negative emotions are likely to be stirred up, such as seeing anxiety about medical treatment and treatment to be performed from now on and seeing a sad news about the surrounding family. The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the United Kingdom has a project that uses art to relieve anxiety and stress in the hospital, and it has been reported that “the hospitalization period is shortened” and “the pain is relieved”. .


Filling hospitals with art reduces patient stress, anxiety and pain

A project called ' The Healing Arts ' was implemented by London charity ' CW + ' who is conducting art treatment projects for patients and physicians. As a result of the survey, more than four-fifths of 50 women who have received colposcopy , one of the cervical cancer examination methods, “The anxiety for the treatment is reduced by the presence of visual art, and the treatment is easier. 'I said,' he said. The women's outpatients at the hospital have videos of nature, wildlife, and cityscapes, and the hospital sees these as 'distractions for women who receive unpleasant treatment.'

In addition, 16 out of 19 doctors working in the emergency wards of children commented that art on the theme of the zoo relieved children's anxiety, and 15 out of 19 said that the art was their own doctor I also said that I was relieved.

CW + has done the same project so far, and in 2004 art and music will have a positive impact on certain patients, such as women who are giving birth and women who are undergoing colposcopy and other surgeries. It was shown. According to the previous survey, 'If an art is present, women's delivery time will be shortened by 2 hours' and 'Women who are receiving colposcopy have a one-third reduction in the level of stress hormones and depressive feelings of cortisol. It is said that 'to do' was shown. In addition, among women undergoing surgery, those who were in the hospital where art is present are said to have shortened their hospital stay on average a day, and their cortisol levels have dropped to half.

You can see how the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is filled with art from the following movie:

CW + Art and Design Program on Vimeo

The entrance is normal but ...

Inside is an open space with colorful paintings and objects.

The entrance to the gynecology department is particularly colorful.

Colorful objects are hung from the ceiling ...

The area around the sofa is filled with green.

Light is a logo-like atmosphere of Windows.

Various paintings are displayed everywhere.

There are also dancers in bright costumes dancing on the painted floor.

The tropical fish and the liquid crystal ...

Flowers in full bloom.

The hospital room is also extremely flashy.

In The Healing Arts, art is incorporated not only in the decoration of the building but also in the treatment.

VR may be used. VR is

an area that is expected to be a promising tool to treat mental illness.

The impact of visual art on anxiety and pain is being watched for attention. Hospitals that have art programs in addition to the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, and hospitals that have relationships with designer and illustrator Exists. The Sheffield Children's Hospital was designed by illustrator

Andy J. Miller as follows:

The following relaxation rooms have been designed for Guy's Hospital by

BAT Studio , an art project.

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