I ate Yoshinoya's menu 'Cow Kimchi Kuppa' because it was revived for the first time in 9 years

Yoshinoya's visionary taste spicy menu ' Cow Kimchi Kuppa ' sold for a limited time in November 2010 is newly reborn and will reappear for a limited time from July 29 to September 14, 2019. I actually ate and checked what kind of taste the “beef kimchi kuppa” would be, after a power-up and revival after 9 years.

Yoshinoya, visionary spicy menu 'beef kimchi kuppa' revives
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Beef Kimchi Kuppa | Yoshinoya Official Website

That's why I came to the Yoshinoya. There are 'beef kimchi kuppa' and 'pork kimchi kuppa' in kimchi kuppa, and both sides are 490 yen including tax and 590 yen including Taisho. You can change it free of charge.

It takes only a few minutes to arrive at the “Kim Kimchi Kuppa” (left) and the “Pig Kimchi Kuppa” (right).

Beef kimchi kuppa topped with rice topped with ginseng ingredients (beef and onion) cooked with Yoshino broth, beef topped with Yoshino specialty kimchi, bean sprouts namul, tofu, and plenty of kelp, bonito, shiitake and beef extract A hot soup made with kochujang based spicy soup and a green onion at the end. In addition, since the beef kimchi kuppa of the 2010 edition was a menu combining the special ingredients of beef bowl and specially made kimchi with spicy soup, tofu and bean sprout namul did not enter.

The vessel is larger in diameter than a regular beef bowl, much larger than the iPhone XS fitted with a genuine case .

The depth of the bowl is about this.

The beef on the beef kimchikuppa is the same as the beef bowl of Yoshinoya, and even if it is eaten with the hot soup, the taste of the Yoshinoya secret will be won.

The taste of Yoshinoya's sauce is more ingrained than the onion, too hot soup.

The spicy soup with plenty of kelp, bonito, shiitake and beef extract is hotter than I had imagined with the hot peppers of Kochujang. The throat is so spicy that it has a slight taste, but the flavor of kelp, bonito, shiitake mushroom and beef extract is quite effective, so it is easy to eat it even for people who are not good with it.

Kimchi, which is provided as a side menu , is also topped and has a good affinity with the hot Korean hot soup.

Kuppa also contains essential bean sprouts namul. This is something that was not topped in the 2010 beef kimchi kuppa.

The tofu freshly topped with beef kimchi kuppa also in the 2019 edition. Uto hot soup compatibility is unspoken.

The beef kimchi kuppa has a rather voluminous impression than the side dishes of the beef bowl, and since it is eaten along with the spicy soup, it was quite responsive.

Such as pork kimchi kuppa. Pork is contained in place of beef, and when you compare it, it tastes more delicious than the hot soup. It is clearly understood that beef kimchi kuppa has a fairly firm beef flavor when compared to eating, and pork kimchi kuppa has less richness and more simple taste.

Pork of kimchi kuppa, unlike beef of beef kimchi kuppa, the taste of beef bowl and pork bowl was not felt at all.

In addition, please be careful not to spend too much time when eating as rice sucks hot soup.

Beef kimchi kuppa and pork kimchi kuppa are limited sales until September 14, 2019, with 490 yen including tax and 590 yen including Taisetsu.

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