It is clear that those who do affair are prone to professional cheating



Although affair is a socially unforgivable act that many people are disgusted with, it is often reported that news that celebrities and athletes have developed affair, and couples who are divorced due to affair are also incessant . Researchers at the Macombs School of Business, a business school at the University of Texas, have shown in their studies that 'adults are more likely to get their hands on professional fraud.'

Personal infidelity and professional conduct in 4 settings | PNAS

Marital infidelity and professional misconduct linked, study shows

In 2015, there was an incident that a large number of personal information was leaked by the hacking site of ' Ashley Madison ', a dating site for married people that had been run with the slogan 'One time in life. Did. In addition to revealing personal information such as registrants' names and addresses, it has also become clear that many registered female users were 'Sakura .' The research team uses the data leaked from Ashley Madison for this study.

Is a large amount of personal information leaked from the world's largest affair SNS for married people public on the Internet-GIGAZINE

The research team reported complaints within the Citizen Police Data Project (CPDP) with Chicago police officer data, fraudulent financial advisory data for the non-profit organization FINRA that oversees and protects financial transactions, and the Securities and Exchange Commission litigation. Extract the people related to fraud from the data of people who became defendants and the data of EXECUCOMP , which is a database on various companies. In this study, a total of 11,235 people were studied.

The research team collates these people with data leaked from Ashley-Madison, and how many people, such as police officers related to fraud, corporate financial advisors and senior executives, and white-collar workers, have been registered at affair sites Investigated. In addition, the same age, gender, and background as those of the group of people who had been illegally handed out were also compared with the data leaked from Ashley Madison.

As a result, it turns out that those who are fraudulent are more likely to register with Ashley Madison than those who are not. It seems that this tendency did not change even after considering other cultural variables.


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'The current study is the first to show whether there is a correlation between personal affair and professional injustice,' said Samuel Kruger, Associate Professor of Research Team. 'We found a strong correlation And, the presence or absence of affair is useful for predicting occupational behavior, ”commented.

The present results only show the correlation between infidelity and injustice, but support the notion that 'the elimination of sexual injustice in the workplace can reduce fraudulent acts in the workplace'. . 'Excluding sexual abuse from the workplace may make the corporate culture more ethical,' Kruger said.

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