A wide range of Cure Macaron & Chocolate to Cure Black & White One Festival 2019 [Summer] 'Precure' Various

In September 2019, I saw various figures of the “PreCure” series that NHK ’s “

All Pretty Cure Voting ” refrained at the Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] venue. Due to restrictions, there is no character of the work being broadcast, but a wide range of three-dimensionalization is done from popular characters such as `` Kirakira Precure A la Mode '' Cure Macaron and Cure Chocolate to the original / Cure Black and Cure White Doll It was.

First, on 3-23-01 “ Azone International ”, “Futari wa Pretty Cure” and Cure Black and Cure White Dolls appeared.


Futari wa Precure Cure Black ' (56,000 yen per pre-tax) / Head prototype production: ZAN (cat oval) / Body skin prototype production: Chizuru (Tsuru no Kan) / Scheduled to be released in winter 2019). It is not the Max Heart version, but the first navel outfit.

A commune for transformation is attached to the waist.

Your feet look like this

' Futari wa Pretty Cure White ' (56,000 yen according to pre-tax tax / head prototype production: ZAN (cat oval) / body hull prototype production: Chizuru (Tsuru no Kan) / scheduled to be released in winter 2019)

A costume in contrast to black, based on white and light blue.

5-33-03 '

Kai taken there was in' the cure macaroons of 'Glitter ☆ Pretty Cure a la mode' (10,000 yen / Sculpted Makoto Ryuzaki)

Yukari-san's little devilish appearance appears in the arm angle.

Also for 5-34-10 “

Gyarakuteka Trios ” from “Kirakira Pretty Cure A la Mode”, Cure Chocolate (20,000 yen).

Cool and stylish, the volume of the tail is overwhelming.

5-14-06 “

Tamagawa Seishun Space ” was Cure Whip & Cure Parfait “Let's La Mazemaze Part 1” (8000 yen).

5-12-01 “ nico-labo ” cure chocolate (prototype:

side ) seems to be chocolate, a little more like a chocolate color than the original color scheme.

You can feel the smooth flow of chocolate as seen in the chocolate fountain.

5-13-02 “

Amie Gran ” also had a pair of Cure Chocolate & Cure Macaron (9000 yen / prototype production: General Amie).

7-45-06 ' Sword of the King ' is a cure dream of 'Yes! Precure 5' which is also used as a dealer cut ...

This time, the product was a cure whip (7000 yen).

6-23-13 '

Fuwa RIDE ' cure beauty (7000 yen). A princess form that appears after the middle with a crown and a halo.

7-48-05 ' 344 ° C ' cure miracle (13,000 yen)

7-49-02 '

Millimeter Modeling ' is also a cure miracle (6000 yen), but it was a deformed life.

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