FGO x Lord Elmerloy II's case book x Fate / stay night and more Fate related figures summary

Appeared in Fate-related works such as the smartphone game `` Fate / Grand Order (FGO) '' and `` Lord Hermeloy II's Casebook ' ' from spin-off work of Fate / stay night to light novel / manga / animation I collected Servant figures from the general dealers of Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] . The trend of summer 2019 is natural, but it is quite different from the winter of 2019, and it has a lot of servants that appeared before and after the winter festival in 2019.

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

4-25-18 'Paul Bunyan' found at ' Soft Shell Club ' (7000 yen).

Banyan is sitting on the pancake.

Nikkori surrounded by favorite pancakes.

'Tristan' (4000 yen) that was exhibited together was deformed to a mini size.

4-20-15 “Gilgamesh All Metal Body” discovered in “ BarisCollection ” is a golden armor made of gati metal, which is made by sand casting, the golden armor that Gilgamesh is wearing.

When I actually held it with my hand, I was reminded that even a part of the part was quite heavy and made of Gachi metal. The selling price is amazing 250,000.

Excalibur used by Altria Pendragon, a popular character in the Fate series, is expressed as a diamond pendant with 18 gold and 10 blue diamonds based on platinum (PT900).

Because it is Gachi's jewelry, it also comes with a certificate. The price is 400,000 yen.

8-34-02 “ Mono; Polish ” I found a figure of the final second coming of Scathach-Scaddy.

The movement's dynamic feeling has been three-dimensionalized as it is. The price is 16,000 yen.

`` Queen Mave '' (15,000 yen)

8-30-10 ' ARKS DEPOT was found in' the concept dress ' storm and stress that the three-dimensional Musashi Miyamoto'. The price is 7500 yen.

A bright smile shines.

8-28-12 ' Croquette Crushing ' found 'Koo Fu Lin (Alter) ' before coloring.

The neck-like fur and bone-like decorations that are entangled throughout the body are precisely reproduced.

Looking from another angle.

The face is like this.

7-02-01 'Swimsuit Nitokuris' 3000 yen found in ' RAMPAGE Ghost '.

7-08-03 ' work the room dispose of the dog version of one body and is Okada Izō of popular Servant of' the FGO had been exhibited. The end dog is a character born from an unofficial illustration drawn by illustrator rack, who was in charge of illustrations of Ikura Okada at FGO.

There are color variations.

It is like this when three bodies are arranged.

7-20-02 “Sake Doji” (17,000 yen) exhibited at “Inanari- cho

Looking up, it looks like this.

It is a three-dimensional version of Motoi Onihoho Shojo version, not the regular version.

7-19-06 “ fullscale ” is active as “ Morozukuri Akira ( Elmerloy II)” (11,000 yen) in FGO, and the animation “ The Case of Lord Elmerloy II II” -The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note - 'Discovered the main character Ermeloy II, Waver.

Prototype production is handled by fullscale.

“Koyanskaya” (11,000 yen) is a big success in the second part of FGO.

Mass production is in charge of prototype production.

'Saber / Queen Mave' (10,000 yen) is a three-dimensional version of the swimsuit Mave that was implemented at FGO's limited-time event 'Sabafes'. Mass production is in charge of prototype production.

'Gilgamesh Naked' (11,000 yen) is a version of Gilgamesh taking off the upper armor of the golden armor. Mass production is in charge of prototype production.

It has a face that is sure to be treated as a hybrid.

“Tamamo Cat Apron ver” is only on display.

This is also in charge of prototype production.

7-18-07 “ Madhands ” found “Jeanne Swimsuit Version (Second Second Coming)” (13,000 yen).

It is a movable figure, and you can see that there are indirect in the hip joint, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

I have a smiley expression that looks like an older sister.

`` BB swimsuit version (second second coming) small devil egg skin '' (13,000 yen)

7-15-10 “ TK's Hakoniwa ” is a rendition of the concept dress “Fondant au Chocolat” distributed as a reward for the event “Reprint: Chocolate Lady's riot -Valentine 2016- enlarged version” held in Valentine ’s Day. A three-dimensional version of Arjuna. The licking mouth is sexy.

On 7-12-01 'Bettei 106 ', I found a 1/12 scale 'Movable Fou-kun' (3,000 yen).

It is quite compact because it is 1/12 scale, but you can enjoy various poses because it is movable.

It is OK to reproduce the load screen.

4-18-07 ' Dennekodan ' sold '1/12 aerial drive' (13,000 yen), which is a three-dimensional version of ' Aerial Drive ', a concept dress.

In addition to weapons, face and hand parts were prepared.

'1/12 Mysterious Heroine XX' (13,000 yen), a three-dimensional version of the mysterious heroine XX, is also a movable figure.

I dare to make the appearance of mecha mechanized in the second coming.

4-18-06 '1/7 Kyakuin Kiara' (15,000 yen) discovered at ' Nagano Kobo '.

Kento Nagano is in charge of prototype production. Comes with a pupil decal.

4-14-02 “Organary Animsphere” (9000 yen) from “ Dawn of Jupiter ”.

Miden is in charge of prototype production.

It is a dignified appearance that seems to be the director of the Chaldea.

In 4-14-06 “One Strike 30 thousand Departures ”, a figure of the second coming second figure of the servant “Koujin” that was first appeared in “Part 2 Integrated Chapter 3” of Part 2 Chapter 3 is exhibited It was.

It's a very nice outfit.

The squeaky expression does not change even if it is three-dimensional.

4-14-13 'Ibaraki-chan' (13,000 yen) discovered at ' AMBIVALENT '.

Ibaraki Doji who eats apple candy with an unnumeric expression.

The lower body looks particularly meaty.

Twin tails wrapped around.

4-11-10 “Miyu (Magical Girl)” (15,000 yen) discovered in “ SB4 Kurosuzu Komichi” is a three-dimensional version of the Mizuyu of the Prismaiya series.

Miyu with a smiley expression.

Magical sapphire with kaleido stick in hand.

4-01-04 'Swimsuit BB-chan' (16,000 yen) discovered at ' Heartstrings '.

`` Bunny 槍 Tria '' (13,000 yen)

As a bunny, the butt has a cute tail like a rabbit.

`` Koyanskaya '' (13,000 yen)

Koyanskaya in China dress shown in Part 2 Chapter 3.

Facial expression is as if you were foolish about a new person.

5-35-09 “Koshisain Kiara” (7000 yen) in the bust found at “Scarlet Tundra ”.

And 'purple ceremony part' (12,000 yen) with beauty like an ornament.

5-31-01 ' sea mouse in' 'Nuiho's (Genho Ayaginurei)' (5000 yen) had been sold.

SACHI is in charge of prototype production.

Even if it transforms into a cute appearance, it looks like the favorite spicy mapo tofu does not change.

5-29-11 ' Usa P House ' discovered 1/8 scale 'Bradamante' (10,000 yen).

A vibrant twin tail.

It features a butt.

A request for a cute face.

'BB Pele (BB Swimsuit Second Coming)' (15,000 yen), which was on display at 5-27-07 ' Please Meet'.

Egg skin version can be reproduced by changing the paint.

5-27-11 “ Lilim ” “Abigail Williams” (12,000 yen).

Abbey creates a unique atmosphere.

Also found “Katsushika Hokusai” (14,000 yen).

5-15-12 ' Dream Kaguccino Principality ' exhibited 'Swimsuit Jeanne Horta' (10,000 yen).

Prototype production is handled by Toda Kei.

I feel a strong fetish on the side of the maker from around the stomach where bones and muscles are raised.

5-16-14 At Sheriff- do , I found the “Bani Saki- style part ” (13,000 yen), a purple style part that became a bunny girl.

Although the character design is quite arranged, it has a unique atmosphere and attracts attention.

5-22-04 ' Craft Like ' also 'FGO Murasaki Shikibu' (6000 yen).

This is also a considerable arrangement in the design, but it has a unique presence.

5-10-06 'Passion lip' (18,000 yen) found in ' GLEMO and Yume Gengo' has both arms huge.

`` Miyamoto Musashi '' (10,000 yen)

'Young beauty' (10,000 yen)

5-02-03 ' Dragon閃堂 In' discovered 'Saber Red Enma'. This is only an exhibition, but coloring has already been completed.

On 5-02-04 “ TauruSnail ”, we found a figure of 3D Edmon Dantes from the concept dress “ Detective Edmon-Gentile Infiltration ” that appeared at the CBC2018 event.

Denden is in charge of prototype production. The price is 18,000 yen.

Amaguri is in charge of prototype production for “Nero Claudius Eizo Full Dress ver.” (15,000 yen).

The Nero of the anime “ Fate / EXTRA Last Encore ” is faithfully reproduced.

At 5-01-06 “ Sulfur Spring ”, a 1/6 scale “Swimsuit BB” (12,000 yen) is on display.


Also found 1/7 scale “Kiratama” (10,000 yen).

`` Sukasaha '' (12,000 yen)

5-24-05 “Deformation Abigail”, which was even exhibited at “Shojo Gyoen Buddha ”.

“Leonardo da Vinci (Swimsuit Ver.)” (7000 yen) discovered at “ 83 ℃ ” on 6-28-16.

6-27-17 “ Tsuru no Yakata” features “Archer Inferno” (14,000 yen) with Ukiyo-e in the background.

Chizuru is in charge of prototype production and Maimochi is in charge of coloring.

6-27-20 Napoleon with a big face (5000 yen), exhibited at ' CtrlZ '.

6-23-07 “ Orz ” is a popular version of “Karuna” (10,000 yen).

Prototype production is Haru Miyoshi, and Apostle Apostle is responsible for painting.

6-08-14 ' Super Onion ' also found 'Yu beauty' (10,000 yen).

6-11-18 At Arkham Studios, the “Goldorf Musik” (3000 yen) is also available as a lyo version of Goldorf. 'A' is in charge of prototype production.

6-14-02 At Shin Mosasa Kobo , I encountered '1/12 Movable Rider Ushiwakamaru (Second Second Coming)'.

6-15-16 “ Model Passioner” exhibited “ King Protea First Second Coming Completed Product ”. Prototype production is modeled by model passionate, and painting is performed by Yuhime. The price is amazing 40,000 yen.

“Swimsuit BB Second Second Ver” is only for display.

Model passionator is in charge of prototype production.

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