A good smile too bad of HELLSING 'Major' who is squeezing that famous speech 'if it's ok, it's a war'

A major of HELLSING famous for a speech that starts from 'I like war' and 'It's if it's a war' and culminates in a speech reaching the climax appeared in Wanfest 2019 [Summer] and reigned with a devilish smile .

It was 6-14-01 ' Ohahaha ' booth where the majors were adoring. The explanation is only 'Major' whether it expresses the enthusiasm that 'There is only this person when speaking Major'.

His mouth is torn apart, but his eyes are not smiling.

The face must be thinking about my favorite war.

At the feet were also placed glasses that had been destroyed by the explosion.

In addition, it is to do the following things when we say why glasses parts are prepared so much.

About 10 years have passed since HELLSING was completed in 2009, but Major is still loved as a 'predictor.' It was impressive that the person passing by had said, 'I can understand the life of the person by saying which character he is associated with as a' major ''.

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