Eva to Asuka & Rei figures appear in Nendoroids, and from plug suits to jerseys in plain clothes

Neon Genesis Evangelion ” has been extremely popular even after more than 20 years since its release, and “ Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version ” will be released in 2020. From Evangelion, Shikinami Asuka Langley (Soryu Asuka Langley) and Rei Ayanami are appearing as Nendoroids at the Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] venue.

At the figure maker Good Smile Company booth, you can see Rei and Asuka in Nendoroid figures.

Rei in uniform is a full-blown wound with an eye patch on his face and a bandage on his arm. Still, it is impressive that the line of sight is firmly looking ahead. Prototype production has become a design here.

Asuka is also in uniform, and the prototype is designed here. This is a bright and well-known expression, with the left hand on the hip and the right hand pointing at you.

Nendoroid figures have also been decided for Kaoru Kaoru and Shinji Kaoru .

' Palfomu Ayanami Rei ' has also appeared from the next-generation action figure Parfom jointly developed by Mr. Kanashi Tona, who is the prototype teacher under the dealer name of Fat Company and ' Ryunryutei '. Rei's prototype production is Mitsuru Saito and coloring is Shichibei . Production cooperation with Mr. Kanashi Tona. In the state of the exhibition, both hands are put in front of the body to pose a good pose, but because it is movable, it is possible to move each joint and make the pose you like.

Gentle smiling

In addition, “ Palform Shimami Asuka Langley ” was also exhibited at the booth. Prototype production: Mitsuru Saito, Coloring: Mr. Shichibei, Production cooperation: Mr. Kanashi Tona, In the state of the exhibition, I was taking the gesture of paying hair with my right hand.

On display at the Belfine booth was a 1 / 7th scale ' Shinami, Asuka, Langley Plug Suit Ver. ' Prototype production is Miki Sakurazaka , coloring is an Eldora model . The price is 13,000 yen excluding tax. Posing with your legs crossed and looking at you is very sexy with the constriction and leg lines characteristic of women in mind.

The same booth also displays a quarter-scale “ Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Suit Ver. ”, Which is produced by Ikuma Kuramoto, both prototype and color. This is now accepting reservations, and the price is 37,800 yen excluding tax. The gloss of the suit and the lines of the body are clear ...

She has a serious expression with her mouth tied.

Also, the 1 / 7th scale ' Ayanami Rei (provisional) plug suit Ver. ' Is lined up side by side, which is under production and supervision. Prototype production is Miki Sakurazaka and coloring production is Hiroto Tanimoto . The figure of Rei wearing a black suit was an atmosphere that reminded me of the thin lines that seem to break.

At the booth of “ AmiAmi ”, a hobby figure mail order site, Asuka figure was exhibited from the new label “ EVA GLOBAL ” that appeared from the official EVANGELION STOREEVANGELION STORE ” in 2019.

' Entry Plug Interior Ver. Asuka ' is handled by the figure brand Vertex , with a scale of 1/6 and a total length of about 80cm. Scheduled to be released in January 2020, the price is 49,800 yen including tax.

The left hand is put on the ear and the right hand is attached to the side of the entry plug.

You will be amazed by the neat expression.

In addition, “ Entry Plug Interior Ver. Rei ” is also exhibited, and the price is 49,800 yen including tax. It is scheduled to be resold at the EVANGELION STORE in December 2019.

It seems to come here with a gentle expression.

' Shikinami Asuka Langley 1/7 Jersey Ver. ' Also appeared. The manufacturer is Alter and the price is 13,824 yen including tax, scheduled to be released in September 2019.

The upper body wears a jersey, while the lower body is a tight plug suit. The right hand plunges into the pocket, and the pose of lightly pinching the casket with the left hand is perfect.

The line of sight staring here is sharp, and it seems to be suddenly crazy.

The appearance of the hair fluttering, the wrinkles of the jersey, and the atmosphere where the hem swells was reproduced.

At the Tokyo figure booth in the online figure shop, a 1 / 7th figure of Shikinami Asuka Langley, a version of the “ RADIO EVA ” project that collaborates with Evangelion on a wide variety of items, was exhibited.

Prototype production is Fuyuon (rainy day, sunny day) , production cooperation is kiking , Nobuhiro Sato . Rough plain clothes are RADIO EVA items.

Makinami Mari Illustrious , Rei, Shinji, Kaworu have also decided to make illustrations wearing RADIO EVA items as well.

The jersey is dressed up like a gym suit, and the right hand is a moe sleeve. The slender legs extending from the hem of the shorts and the fingertips touching the thighs are impressive. The release date and price are undecided.

In addition, “[EVANGELION STORE Limited Edition] Shikinami Asuka Langley ver.RADIO EVA Original Color” produced by Hobby Max Japan will also appear. Coloring is completely different from the normal version, and even the hair color is unified in monochrome tone. The price is estimated at 11,800 yen, but the release date is undecided.

From the “ Summer Queens ” series, developed by hobby maker hour treasure , “ Assembly Heroines Shikinami Asuka Langley ” appeared. The swimsuit will be reflected in your eyes.

It is an 1 / 8th scale semi-finished product / assembled figure kit, priced at 4500 yen. Prototype production is Mr. Kramsey Zero

Adjacent to Hour Treasure is ' Assembly Heroines Ayanami Rei [Summer Queens] ', which is prototype production Miki Sakurazaka. Release date and price are undecided.

There is also an EVANGELION STORE limited special color version of “Assemble Heroines Rei Ayanami [Summer Queens]”, which has a white swimsuit color.

From Union Creative , the figure of Rei and Asuka who snuggle up to the entry plug by two people appears.

The release date and price were undecided.

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