'Life is not only survival,' a zombie movie 'ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP', a unique zombie movie in which a pseudo-family in the post-civilization world unfolds with zombies 'ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP' trailer

In the world where most of human beings became zombies due to viruses, ' zombie land ' is a zombie film that survives to aim at an amusement park where there are no zombies and four people who met by accident have no zombies This work is highly regarded as a masterpiece of After 10 years from the first work of 2009, the new work ' ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP ' will be released in the fall of 2019, and trailers of luxurious casts such as Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg will be released on YouTube It is inside.

ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP-Official Trailer (HD)-YouTube

The four who walk in the prairie with firearms in hand are the survivors of humanity, Columbus (play: Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (play: Woody Harrelson ), Little Rock (play: Abigail Breslin ), Wichita (Performer: Emma Stone)

Shoot approaching zombies, shoot and shoot ...

Its eyes are like a hitman

There is no lingering feeling of the world that the majority of humanity has become zombies as they do bang with light music.

Sometimes it's a vampire battle with 'Hyacher !!!'.

The building where 4 people are heading is the White House.

The presidential office is unmanned. Since the civilized society has already collapsed, you can use the White House, which you can not normally use, as you like.

'The life is not only survival,' a kickboard tournament in the White House Corridor.

To a pillow throw ......

Twister .

I will celebrate Christmas.

It is three people who came with a gun in one hand because they thought that the zombies invaded, but it was a dignified expression.

I asked, 'What do you want? Grandpa' ......

'I want you to stop talking with grandmother'

Columbus gets on the knee to get a present, but ...

I was thrown off just saying 'not you'. The four people I met as other people in red, but as I spend more time together, I have become like a pseudo family.

One day, Columbus, who was searching for a supermarket, heard a noise ...

Reflected, I threw a bottle that I had in my hand.

But what screamed at that point ...

A girl named Madison, not a zombie (Actor: Zoe Dwich )

The moment of boy meets girl .

In response to Tarahasshi who did ...

“Your father?” Asks Madison with a smile.

Four people who came to act together by car.

... but because it's a shame, Madison jumps out with a sudden brake, and it's almost dead.

And one more, new encounter .... Little Rock, who has departed from Tallahassees, meets a young man as if he had reached a rebellion.

In the explanation 'He is from Berkeley ...' ...

'Berkley!' Said Tara Hussy who returns excessive reaction like his father.

'You have cannabis?'

'You look like a man who has cannabis?'

'I'm sorry'

'Of course I have it!'

Tallahasssy has an aversion to having a good relationship with Little Rock.

A journey to recover Little Rock begins.

There is a blast ...

There is a space like a dream ...

There are also times when you are aiming for life ....

Elvis also appeared.

I totally forgot, but there are some grotesques as it is a zombie movie, not a home comedy.

In the end, it is totally unknown where the story goes: ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP will be released on the US on October 18, 2019, and the release date in Japan has not been decided at the time of writing the article.

The evaluations and reviews of the first Zombie Land are as follows.

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One of the zombie movie masterpieces

I think that one of the themes included in zombie films is the collapse of society
Sober development to find one's own life one by one in it
There is no reality, no zombies are too gloomy, and the violent scenes are more likely to be lighter
The attraction as a zombie movie is just one thing, but there is another attraction that can be achieved because it is a zombie movie
A work that has the charm of a different perspective than the idol movie

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