Hagen-Dazs Mini Cup 'Yuzu-no-Branmange' Taste Review for Enjoying Yuzu's Refreshing Acidity and Bitterness with Rich Milk Ice

From July 23, 2019 (Tuesday), the Hagen-Dazs Mini Cup 'Yuzu no Branmanje' has appeared for a limited time. Yuzu milk ice cream and Yuzu sauce that enjoys the original flavor of Yuzu are combined, and it is a cup ice that expresses frozen dessert '

Branmange ' like jelly using milk with Yuzu flavor. When I finished the bitter and sour taste of Yuzu to a Blancmange-style ice cream, I was interested in what it tasted, so I actually tried it.

Mini Cup 'Yuzu's Blanc Manger' July 23, 2019 | Hagen-Dazs Japan

Häagen-Dazs Get the mini cup 'Yuzu no Branmange'.

Illustrations of Yuzu and Blancmange are drawn on the lid and sides of the cup.

Kind is ice cream, and raw materials are cream, skimmed milk concentrate, sugar, yuzu sauce, yuzu juice, egg yolk etc. The calorie is 249 kcal per piece (110 ml).

In the corner of the list of ingredients, I found the notation 'Yuzu juice / flesh 5%'.

The place where the lid was opened looks like a normal milk ice cream. However, there is a slight yuzu smell.

When I scooped the ice with a spoon, I saw that a slice of yuzu fruit was being kneaded into the cross section.

When you eat it, Yuzu's refreshing acidity and bitterness spread in your mouth. The ice is the image of Branmange, but the ice part is like a milk ice cream with a light vanilla flavor. Not only the sauce, fruit juice, and flesh but also 'Yuzu oil', which is an extract of the oil contained in the peel of Yuzu, is used, so the sweetness of milk ice cream is not lost, and the flavor of Yuzu is considerable. Stronger. After eating, the smell of yuzu remained in the mouth for a long time.

The Häagen-Dazs mini cup 'Yuzuno Blanc Mange' can be purchased from supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from July 23, 2019 (Tuesday). The suggested retail price is 319 yen including tax.

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