What is the secret of soup that is physically inherited for 45 years?

In Japan, sauces for many years have been added to eel and yakitori, but in Thailand, there is a beef noodle soup that has been continuously added in huge pots for 45 years. A movie approaching the secret soup, 'Your unique flavor and smell over time,' is now available on YouTube.

This Soup Has Been Simmering for 45 Years-YouTube

What you need for cooking is ingredients, tools, and time, but there is a store in Bangkok, Thailand that places emphasis on this 'time' part.

Huge pot in the shop.


restaurant ' Wattana Panich restaurant ' has been making soups by supplementing for 45 years.

The man in the picture is the shopkeeper Nattapong Kaweenuntawong.

There are many recipes that have been handed down for decades, and the beef noodles 'neua tune' offered at this restaurant are literally made for 45 years in the same pot, in the same pot, in the same soup, and added.

This is that soup.

If you look closely at the soup using beef streaks, you can see that the membrane is stretched on the surface.

The crowded shop is always popular because the soup that has been boiling for 45 years has a unique taste and aroma.

Inside the store.

Even men who give thumbs to the taste of the soup.

According to Kaweenuntawong, the shop's soup will not be thrown away at the end of the day, but will be used as the next day's soup.

There are also cultures that call such food 'permanent stew' or 'hunter's stew'.

During the day you will be simmered in the shop. The more time you have, the more flavor the soup has.

Ingredients for basic beef stew noodles include stewed beef, sliced raw beef, meatballs, motu such as beef stomach.

There is a thin slice of beef and rare meat simmered in a dark soup.

The black lump next to the pot is what spilled soup has accumulated for 45 years.

It looks like the soup supposed to be liquid no longer looks like a salmon and protecting the pot.

The shop is run by a family, and in the morning Kaweenuntawong's mother turns to the shop, and from the afternoon to the evening Kaweenuntawong stands at the shop.

It seems that Mr. Kaweenuntawong's wife goes to the waitress.

Kaweenuntawong, who is the third generation of the shop, has three children and Kaweenuntawong hopes that one day the child will be the fourth generation.

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