Headline News of July 23, 2019

The standard hot-spicy snack 'Haunter Habanero' has a target of 5 and the hotness of the target 8 is 'The taste and strength is hot and spicy' 'The hot tyrann Havanero ' appeared on Monday, August 5, 2019 To do. By adding roasted garlic and chicken extract powder with round chicken, it is a taste that becomes more distinctive than the standard 'Hyunyou Habanero'.

It's very hot! Newly launched 'Dense Hot Haunter Habanero'

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

Conversely, the earth is warmed by using an air conditioner that is essential for intense heat-GIGAZINE

There are plenty of alternative online maps that will become 'Evacuation Destination' even if Google Maps are priced-GIGAZINE

What does the meaning of 'Indian nodding' that foreigners are embarrassed mean? -GIGAZINE

Experts warn of signs of a major eruption on a huge volcano in Italy that has been silent for 500 years-GIGAZINE

I tried using 'Blue Forest Natural Blue Apple Concentrate', which can make jewelry like sweets and drinks by dropping drops with a dropper-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)

Looking at the results of proportional representation in Shizuoka Prefecture by Mr. Yamada Taro, 0 votes in Fujinomiya City. Why did some people vote? → It turns out that Taro Yamamoto was counted in by mistake-Togetter

Kyo Ani arrogant difficult identity verification DNA too ... Kyoto Prefectural Police-Sankei News

People with Severe Physical Disabilities are Beated by 'Political Use of Disabled People' and 'Do Not Use Tax for Barrier-Free in the Diet'-Togetter

A 47-year-old man is arrested with an umbrella and blindly arrested. Trouble or suspicion?

Taro Yamamoto, Reiwa ... How do you deal with the impact of left populism? (Akira Ishido)-Individual-Yahoo! News

LDP 'One-man ward' 10 loses even though Mr. Abe and Roh put in leverage-2019 House of Councilors Election (Selection of House of Councilors): Asahi Shimbun Digital

Revised Constitution 'Please let me do it during my term' Mr. Koike-2019 House of Councilors Election (Selection of House of Councilors): Asahi Shimbun Digital

The prime minister said, 'The deadline is not for the launch of the constitutional amendment and the referendum, but I want to somehow realize it during my term of office for the LDP until September 2021.' This is a deadline.

WEB feature too young marriage, 'illness of shame' to attack girls | NHK News

LDP, won but proportionally reduced by 20 million votes, greatly reduced Senate Selection: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Explanation of inundation risk obligated to real estate agent' National Governors Association | NHK News

Do not try to beat opinions in the comments section of the net or arrest a 41-year-old man Suspected and denied | NHK News

Shimane Takeshima near South Korea warned Russian aircraft 'fired airspace' | NHK News

'NHK Scrambling Disrupts Two-Party System with Private Broadcasting' Mr. Ishida, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications | NHK News

Yamada Taro vote to Yamamoto Taro vote Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture revealed by election mistake citizen point out | Mainichi Shimbun

Is the vote of Mr. Yamada Taro listed in the vote of Mr. Taro Yamamoto?

Government protests heavily against Korea and Russia: Korean military warning shooting around Takeshima | NHK News

Tapioca Specialty Store Large-scaled Karakri are 'Dobudobu candied' and the expiration date is extended with the 'Infiltration Report' |

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

The young man in the seat next to me was offensive to the space by air, but it became a little better when I opened the English dissertation PDF on my computer-Togetter

The person who dares to do the bad thing is a bad person

How do you think about 'schools and teachers don't respond after 18:00' (Masatoshi Seno)-Personal-Yahoo! News

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
2018 e-book publishing market is estimated at 12.22 billion yen, up 12.2% over the previous year-Impress Research Institute 'e-book business research report 2019' | HON.jp News Blog

Practice with Yahoo! Shopping! Display speed Kaizen 10 selections-Web edition-| Yahoo! Shopping official | note

Docker 19.03 new features (no root privileges required, enhanced GPU support, CLI plugin ...)-nttlabs-Medium

2019 Python Trademark Incident-Yasuo Nishio's Scrapbox

There is such a thing AWS-Speaker Deck

Module 'ngx_http_mirror_module' which can replicate requests with nginx-kakakakakku blog

Practical know-how collection for running JVM application with Kubernetes / JVM on Kubernetes-Speaker Deck

People who only wanted to write Python tried to create a web app on AWS. -Qiita

'Earth reservation for the earth' Official Ministry of the Environment tweet, burning up and deleting [let's reduce food loss]: Asahi Shimbun digital

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV anime '22/7' teaser PV-YouTube

What did the Weather Child paint? The reason why Shinkai Makoto's decision was more than expected (work commentary and review)-Weblancer

The inside and the outside of the social system illuminated by 'the child of the weather'-the scrap of the polar bear

We don't feel like we've played the PS2 version of the weather child. -Ceramic Rockets!

[Slightly spoiled note] People who start talking about 'Earogen' in the zeros looking at 'The Child of the Weather'-Togetter

When I entered the Miu-Tu battle due to small change desires, measures were taken to carry Ikasama stricter than MTG. -Various TCG

Splatoon 2 'Final Fest' Thank You Movie-YouTube

La Nobe Award Active Professional Writer Awarding Issues · Netabare Amazon Reviewing Issues · They have never really thought so much about it-they do.

Unemployed but with the money of people #Crazy child who saw # Weather child 【Finish edition】-玖-Anime Blog-

About Kyoto animation support | Japan Video Association

Hikawa Ryusuke interview How anime has been told (Part 1)-Hikawa Ryusuke talks, why people are moved, how to leave the starting point of the moving | Manga · Anime 3.0

'Kyo Ani' president 'to deliver animation to the world fighting desperately' | NHK News

'An unprecedented event has damaged irreplaceable companions and lost their lives.

In the news, we learned that an unbelievable number of people around the world are putting our thoughts on us.

Your thoughts are an irreplaceable edge for us now facing the dark.

Now, at this moment too, there are friends who are suffering in the hospital and trying to live the most.

There are people who have lost their family's lives and are in loneliness.

Please give me time for a while.

Kyoto Animation will continue to deliver animation that fosters dreams, hope and excitement to people all over the world, and is desperately with people who will reach out in order to realize the happiness of employees and staff and contribute to society and the community. I will fight.

Hideaki Yata, President and Representative Director, Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.

'The child of the weather' that I learned from Makoto Shinkai Gachi, the best way to enjoy Emo! → Country people who are physically impatient and at a loss “Tokyo wow” “must go out to the city”-Togetter

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Koji Koji Yoshimoto Kogyo / President of Osaki Tokio talks 'If you renovate the upper part,' I will tell you to resign from the company: '

Koji Koji 'I heard about Tatsumi, but Vice President Fujiwara wasn't there'

What J PRIDE: Matsumoto Hitoshi, Yoshimoto · Okamoto President After the first Twitter update!

'Yoshimoto Industry Subcontracting Law Violation', TV stations, the serious influence that the government has (Gohara Nobuo)-Personal-Yahoo! News

Akimoto Yoshimoto, President of Akihiko Okamoto, Leads to a Relationship with Company-wide Antisocial Forces and Makes It Possible

Camera falls, too ... Coverage area scenery of five and a half hours of Yoshimoto meeting-ume channeru-Entertainment column: Daily sports

[Don't laugh, press conference? 【Yoshimoto president interview, also announced a year of decline ... ... / '' I have already become a question and answer. Viewers say that questions and answers are unremarkable at all times, as they are unremarkable-Togetter

Ministers say a lot of 'compliance with laws and regulations accountability' at the Yoshimoto Industry Conference | NHK News

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
New Release of “GREEN DA ・ KA ・ RA Mix Smoothie Apple Mix”, a nutritionally functional food made by mixing it with milk | News Release | Suntory Foods International

'-196 ° C <winter mikan>' 'same <winter gyoza>' period-limited new sale July 23, 2019 News release Suntory

(PDF file) Spicy & Spicy Beef Gapa Rice New Release on Thursday, August 1

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