The latest trailer of science fiction thriller 'West World' season 3 depicting the rebellion of Androids approaching true human beings is released

Star Wars sequel trilogy director J J Abrams directed production and commanded director in the movie 'Dark Knight' Jonathan Nolan is a popular overseas drama series ' West ' The trailer for Season 3 to be the latest in the World series has been released in time with Comic Con International held in San Diego.

Official San Diego Comic-Con Trailer | Westworld | Season 3 (2020) | HBO-YouTube

In the third season, it seems that the real world will be the main stage, not each world created by Delos.

Delos executive Charlotte Hale (play: Tessa Thompson) comes down with a cigarette from a futuristic vehicle.

The scene changes, and somewhere in the room.

Dolores (play: Evan Rachel Wood) looks at the mysterious ball that appeared in Season 2.

The scene changes again, and the vehicles of the near-future style that caused an accident in the dark and the people who approach it.

I have a gun hidden behind me.

A man and Dolores fall down to the accident site. Apparently, it seems to be a scene connecting to the season 3 first trailer already published.

Furthermore, the scene changes and a camp somewhere.

Men are doing something in the dark.

When I thought about something, I was playing with my arm.

It was Bernard who looked wild a little while playing with his arm (play: Jeffrey Wright).

Warehouse where the discarded host is stored

With a man who was beaten by bubbling ...

Mave (play: Tandy Newt), one of the characters who hold the key to the story.

There is a mave ...

As you can see from the crosses in the building, it looks like a world that reproduces Nazi Germany.

A mave that appears in the streets where the army has overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Dolores seems to blend into the real world.

Mave kissing with a man by a retro car.

Dolores is hugging a mysterious woman.

There are many scenes where Dolores and Mave are drawn in contrast in this trailer.

A woman who has an injured hand.

Soldiers with firearms shoot the robot.

Is it a practice for host control?

And it appeared to the giant robot that people could ride.

It is Charlotte who is touching this.

Ashley of the Quality Department (deeds: Luke Hemsworth) swings the whistle ...

Bernard also shows an action scene with a man.

There are a lot of scenes in Charlotte, and it will play a bigger role in season 3.

A man who seems to have helped Dolores who is lost in the modern world tears her eyes.

Dolores turns around ...

A gunfight is held with someone.

After that, you will be taken somewhere with your hand tied up.

Of course a man in black clothes (D: Ed Harris) also appears.

Bernard who can hit a gun.

A mave who plays a big turn against Nazi German soldiers.

And Charlotte holds the gun.

West World Season 3 will be released in 2020.

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