An experimental result that the reaction in the brain when looking at a pornographic image is almost the same between men and women

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Previous studies have suggested that when you see sexually motivated content, such as pornographic images, there is a difference in the reaction between men and women. However, when observing the brain region of a person viewing a sexual image in real time, it was found that there was almost no difference in brain response even if the biological gender was different.

Neural substrates of sexual arousal are not sex dependent | PNAS

Study shows female brain responds to porn the same as male brain

'There is a difference in neural activity between men and women, according to the differences in sexual activity,' said Hamid Nouri, head of the Nerve Convergence Research Group at Max Planck Institute and lead author of the paper. 'The cognitive processing of response to' different 'has been advocated through research. However, most of the responses to sexual stimuli are investigated based on physiological changes and psychological changes, and in particular, the latter is a subjective evaluation. Mr. Nuri felt he had doubts about what he was doing.

So Nuri et al.'S team used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to show different images of 1850 adults and men with different sexual preferences such as homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality. We observed changes in blood flow in the brain sometimes seen. Using fMRI, it is possible to confirm in real time which part of the brain is activated by monitoring the blood flow carrying oxygen. The subject's sexual preference was judged on the Kinsey scale .

As a result of the experiment, it is said that there was no significant difference between men and women in the area of the brain that was activated even when looking at sexual images. In the case of visual sexual stimulation, it was reported that emotional processing, reward processing, and brain area related to desire were activated in almost all participants.

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On the other hand, heterosexual subjects tended to activate mainly in the left hemisphere of the brain, whereas homosexual subjects tended to activate in both hemispheres.
However, the research team says that due to the small sample size, it can not be asserted that sexual preference changes the response.

Furthermore, it was also found that differences in brain activity were seen depending on whether visual sexual stimulation was an image or a movie. When the image was shown, activation was performed throughout the brain, whereas in the case of the movie, activation was seen at a more restricted site. Nuri speculates, 'The image may be easier to process than a movie,' about the reason for the difference in activation between images and movies.

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However, female subjects did not respond positively to sexual images despite the fact that their brain area was almost the same as that of male subjects. The researchers say that 'it is not because women do not respond to visual sexual stimulation more than men, but because many people view sexual content as social disgrace.' I guess. Also, 'The experimental results are based on a rough observation by fMRI, and sex differences at the cell level may become apparent in future research,' the research team said.

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