'Marvel's SPIDER-MAN' achieves first place sales in superhero games

Marvel's SPIDER-MAN breaks the sales record of the popular movie Batman Arkham City , and it has become 'the best selling super hero game of all time,' revealed by a survey of market research company NPD focusing on game sales became.

Marvel's Spider-Man Is Now The Best Selling Superhero Game Ever-Game Informer

Marvel's Spider-Man Tops Batman: Arkham City as Best-Selling Superhero Game Ever According to NPD

'Marvel's SPIDER-MAN', released on September 7, 2018, is an open world action game developed by Insomniac Games . Read the following articles and you'll see in a single shot what Marvel's SPIDER-MAN is like.

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So far, the No. 1 selling game on the theme of superheroes was 'Batman Arkham City,' released on November 23, 2011. This game is an action game created as a sequel to the previous work ' Batman Arkham Asylum '. The PlayStation 3 version and the Xbox 360 version were released simultaneously, and they were ported to the PC and Wii U in response to a big hit.

Meanwhile, Matt Piscatella, an analyst at the game software market research company NPD, announced on Twitter that 'the best-selling superhero game is Marvel's SPIDER-MAN. Congratulations!' It is clear that Marvel's SPIDER-MAN has beaten the record of Batman Arkham City without waiting for one year from its release, and has jumped to first place in the past.

Marvel's SPIDER-MAN is known to have gained explosive popularity immediately after its release, and it has become the 'fastest selling game' in the United States and the United Kingdom .

In addition, the PlayStation official Twitter account is also reported that it has surpassed the world's cumulative sales of 3.3 million in 3 days from the release of this work, and recorded the fastest of PlayStation titles released by SIE.

It seems that Sony is at first glance at the popularity of Marvel's SPIDER-MAN, and Marvel's SPIDER-MAN is used in the performance comparison movie of the next-generation game console ' PlayStation 5 ' that Sony carried out at the financial results presentation meeting and the current machine. It has been.

The Marvel's SPIDER-MAN show the popularity unabated even after the sale, 'prey of the black cat' additional download content 'those who succeed to the throne,' 'Silver Genealogy' and, DLC3 trilogy 'that includes these DLC sleeps is skyscrapers ' No ' has been released.

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