We ate 'Rosteria classic chili meat' where spicy chili sauce was added to beef patties of excellent umami taste of meat & unwinding texture

Loteria ' Christier meat ' with lots of spicy pepperi and lots of spice, and ' Buffalo Chicken Burger ' with 8 kinds of spices such as paprika and cumin mixed with juicy grilled patties for a limited time It starts with Both of the burgers have actually eaten because they are spicy burgers that promote a perfect appetite in summer.

... Which school are you? 'Summer beef', 'summer chicken' new appearance! ! ~ 'Rotteria Classic Chilli Meat' 'Buffalo Chicken Burger' Limited time sale from July 18, 2019 (Thursday)! | News Release | Lotteria

Arrive at Lotteria.

The target burger was featured in the counter overhead menu.

So I will order immediately. When ordered, it will take a little while to serve, so it will take you to your seat.

The target burger was carried in about 10 minutes.

First of all, from ' Rotteria classic chili meat ' (single item tax 680 yen).

Classic chili meat is a hearty burger with a diameter of 11 cm and a slightly larger bun.

The height side looks like this.

Approximately 113g and a large beef 100% quarter pound patties, plenty of chili meat sauce.

A sense of size that makes it a little hard to feel when you bring it with 'A real food'.

When eaten, chili meat sauce has almost no spicy taste, but the flavor of spice that gives a complex taste while having a slightly strong taste of cumin and chili sauce spreads in the mouth. The non-tethered beef patties have an unfolding texture, and the bites of umami have spread in the mouth as you bite. The taste of mayonnaise and sliced cheese was also perfect as an accent.

Next is ' Buffalo Chicken Burger ' (incl. Tax included ¥ 390).

Chicken patties, which are further fried fried grilled chicken while being heated in a steam oven, are pinched across the buns. Chicken patties are even darker than Tandoori chicken.

Real food. This is easier to hold in relation to size than classic chili meat.

When you try it, the flavor of the chicken spreads in your mouth with the soy sauce-based sweet and spicy taste. While eating, you can enjoy the juicy texture and taste of chicken patties, while the nose can enjoy the flavor of spices such as paprika and cumin. After eating, the acidity of cider vinegar and the chili pepper remained and it turned into a spicy burger with a slight tingling in the mouth.

“Rosteria Classic Chilli Meat” and “Buffalo Chicken Burger” are provided from July 18 to the beginning of September 2019 at Lotteria nationwide, excluding Saitama Super Arena, Ueno Park Rueno FS, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS, and ZOZO Marine Stadium. It has been.

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