I tried using Nebula Mars II, an Android-based projector that can project images up to 150 inches in size.

A new projector product ' Nebula Mars II ' has emerged from Anker, known for its mobile batteries and speakers. It can project up to 150 inches of video with 300 ANSI lumens, and it can automatically focus in as little as 1 second, and it is equipped with Android 7.1, and applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. without connecting playback devices I actually used it because it can be used via.

Anker (Anchor) Official Online Store


◆ Appearance
The appearance of the box looks like this.

The body is firmly fixed with cushioning material.

The contents of the box are roughly divided into the 'Nebula Mars II' main body and the 'box with accessories' ...

It will be like this if all the accessories are arranged. In addition to the main unit, an adapter, remote control and quick start guide are included.

The dimensions of the 'Nebula Mars II' body are actually about 12 cm wide x 17.7 cm deep x 14 cm high. The height is the edge of the top surface, and the handle comes out from there. There are no switches at the front, both sides are speakers.

It starts automatically when the front lens cover is lowered. When turning off the power, just raise the lens cover.

It weighs 1470 g. It is a weight without any trouble in carrying with the handle.

The back side looks like this. There are not many ports.

From the left, DC port, HDMI port, USB port, audio output port are arranged. The small hole in the lower row is the reset button, and the right side of the reset button is the infrared receiver part of the remote control.

Top side has four LED indicators on the front side of the main body to indicate the remaining battery charge time. There are navigation button and OK button in four directions, Bluetooth button, back button and volume button on the rear side of the main unit.

There is a socket for the tripod at the bottom of the unit.

In addition to the buttons mounted on the main unit, the remote control also has an option display button, a button to jump to the home menu, and a 'mouse key mode' start / end button that allows you to move the cursor freely with the navigation button.

At the start of use, the remote control battery is covered with insulating tape, so it needs to be removed.

◆ Start & Initial Setting
After connecting the AC adapter ......

Point the Nebula Mars II to the wall and open the lens cover. Focus adjustment is performed automatically. In the quick start guide, the standard distance to the wall was '1 m-3 m', but even if it is out of this range, it will be focused to some extent. As you go closer to the wall about 60cm to the wall, small letters are crushed and can not be read.

First, proceed with the initial setting. Select 'Japanese' in 'Language' and press 'OK' on the unit or remote control.

Wi-Fi connection settings. As available Wi-Fi is displayed, choose what you usually use and 'OK'.

Enter your Wi-Fi password and press the Enter button at the bottom right of the screen.

A description of Nebula Connect will be displayed. Select 'Next' and 'OK'. There is no need to install at this stage.

Select 'Auto' as the image mode and 'OK'. You can change this setting later.

A description of the Bluetooth speaker mode will be displayed, so select 'End' and 'OK'.

Finally, “Welcome to Nebula” is displayed, select “I agree” and “OK”. This completes initial setup.

This is the home menu screen. The upper row shows 'HDMI', 'File manager', 'App manager', 'Network' and 'Settings', and the lower row shows 'Amazon', 'YouTube', 'Netflix' and 'App Store'. By default, the time zone is at the world agreement time, so first select 'Settings' ......

Select 'General'.

Select 'Date and time'.

Select 'Select time zone'.

Scroll down and select 'Tokyo, Osaka GMT + 9:00'. The clock is now in Japan time.

◆ We use as projector by HDMI connection
Nebula Mars II can be connected with devices via 'HDMI connection', 'USB connection', 'screen mirroring', etc. In case of HDMI connection, just plug the cable into the rear HDMI port ...

The screen was projected as this.

◆ We use as projector by USB connection
Even in the case of USB connection, just connect a USB memory with music, photos and videos to the back USB port. By the way, if it is a thin USB memory, it is possible to connect without interference even with the HDMI cable inserted.

When you open 'File Manager', files in the connected terminal are displayed in 5 genres of 'Device', 'APK', 'Music', 'Photo' and 'Video' like this.

It's like 'music' like this. Although the file name added with PC is displayed as it is, if the number of characters is too long, the right side is cut off. Select a file and press 'OK' ...

The player starts and playback is performed. If artwork (jacket photo information) is embedded in the file, it will be displayed in the center of the screen.

'Photo' shows thumbnails.

Click 'OK' to enlarge.

'Video' displays thumbnail and length.

If it is a general movie file, playback is possible without any problem.

The sound when playing is like this.


Music: Falcom Sound Team JDK 'GENESIS BEYOND THE BEGINNING OPENING VERSION' from Ys · Origin Original Soundtrack

◆ Play video with the app
Nebula Mars II is an Android-based projector, so you can play videos with an application such as 'YouTube' installed on the main unit without connecting a playback device.

Each app needs to be installed at the first launch.

Although the UI is slightly different, it is the same feeling as installing the app on Android smartphones and tablets.

◆ Usability
The size and weight can be carried around normally with the handle, and the setting is completed only by taking an appropriate distance from the wall and lowering the lens cover. The focus is adjusted automatically, so the part used as a projector is Of course, it is easy to take out and tidy up. The quick start-up time is about 40 seconds, and the end time is only 5 seconds, making it possible to use 'pick it up, use it, clean it up'. The projector and the screen can not be fixed and installed, and it should be quite useful for people who have to set each time they are used.

The speakers are 10W x 2 and it is a good idea that you can get this much sound without securing a separate power supply.

The point that one HDMI port is used may be a bit lacking for those who want to use multiple game consoles separately, but it should not bother you unless you use different game consoles frequently.

The price of Anker Nebula MarsII is ¥ 69,800 at tax on Amazon.co.jp.

Amazon.co.jp: Anker Nebula Mars II (Mobile Projector with Android) [300 ANSI Lumens / DLP Installed / 20W (10Wx2) Speaker / Auto Focus Function]: PC, Peripherals

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