'Yakagedon Italian' is an item that makes it possible to feel the new possibilities of oyakodon, while pizza × oyakodon is fused with melted cheese

The second series ' Oyakodon Italian ', which commemorates the 25th anniversary of Nakajima's basic menu 'Oyagodon', appeared on July 18, 2019 (Thursday). A bowl made of fluffy chicken eggs, four cheeses and tomatoes, and an Italian basil, this is a novel bowl that reproduces typical Italian pizza margherita . I was wondering how new the taste was, so I went to a bowl and checked.

Like Margherita? ? ? It is colorful with tomato & basil [Oyakodon Italian] It is newly released today from 11:00! ! | Notice | The first time in a row with the Kyoto-style udon

Arrived at a store in Nakasu.

The storefront had a banner that appealed for a limited time menu. It is said that the newly appeared 'Okagoi Italian' is also the target menu for the ' Nakasu x Mizuki Nana Present Campaign ', which has been held since July 18, 2019. You can check the details of the campaign on the official site .

The wait-and-go meal Italian delicacies (tax-included 590 yen) have been carried in a minute or two by waiting for the clerk to pass the meal ticket purchased at the ticket vending machine to the clerk. The small bowl of basil sauce is attached separately to the omelet bowl.

This is the place where basil sauce was applied. Because the color of the eggs has been overcome, the presence of cheese has become a bit confusing, but the three-colored ingredients of white cheese, red tomato, and green basil sauce make up pizza margherita expressing the national flag of Italy That you have an image.

When I try to eat with a bit of unusual combination of 'pizza and oyakodon', I feel anxiousness of the whole piece, and the flavor of the rice cracker that matches well with the natural sourness and sweetness of tomato surprisingly matches well, It was a good complement to the juicy umami of chicken meat.

The collaboration that can feel the Japanese-style taste that the effect of Dashi worked well though it is rich in the deep flavor of cheese that the combination of four kinds of mozzarella, red cheddar, parmesan and gouda, and basil, is new for oyakodon I felt the possibility.

It is possible to order in all shops from July 18th, 2019. The price is 590 yen including tax and 650 yen including Taisaku.

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