The popular adult site Pornhub reports on the number of pornographic searches related to 'space', and it turns out that humanity is curious about alien sex

Mankind is carrying out a

project to investigate extraterrestrial life (aliens), and is searching for new life in a vast universe. Meanwhile, Pornhub, a leading adult site site, reports that 'humanity is curious about' the encounter with aliens ''.

Alien Insights-Pornhub Insights

Pornhub Insights reports statistical analysis of the adult site Pornhub, etc. The number of searches on Pornhub for the word ' Area 51 ' that was 0 cases before July 12, 2019 is from July 12 to July 16. It was discovered that the total of 160,000 cases reached up to 4 days.

The cause is a joke event 'Storm Area' to attack the familiar area 51 (formally named: Groom Lake Air Force Base) in

Naruto's run and encounter the alien with the suspicion that 'we deal with secrets related to aliens'. It turned out that it was 51 (let's attack area 51). The event is being organized on Facebook, and the date and time is September 20, 2019 at 15:00, with 1.6 million people expected to attend.

Taking this opportunity, Pornhub Insights investigates 'How many searches will be related to aliens?' On its service and starts research on 'nightly personal efforts against aliens'. As a result, it turned out that 30,000 people a day were asking for 'pornography of alien things' in 2018. Most recently, the number of searches for 'alien things' has risen around July 1st and 20th July 2019, related to the 'Strom Area 51' turmoil.

The following is the details of the search keyword about the alien thing, 'Alien fertilization' is the number 1 search that has won. The second and third places are, in order, 2nd place 'alien sex', 3rd place 'alien hentai', 4th place '3D alien', 5th place 'female alien', 6th place 'alien girl', 7th place 'alien alien abdomen' and 8th place It is ranked as 'alien eggs', 9th 'alien

abduction ' and 10th 'monsters vs aliens'.

According to a survey of men and women who play movies of aliens, the number of women who prefer aliens is 33% more than men, and in particular, women aged 18-24 have 67% more aliens than all ages. It turns out. It seems that young women are more willing to accept aliens.

Below is a comparative image of the number of aliens searched by country. Bright green is an area with many searches, dark green is an area with few searches. 'The region most prepared for encounters with aliens' is the Czech Republic, searching for 67% more aliens than in other countries. The second and third places are Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Thailand and New Zealand. Conversely, areas not prepared were Nigeria, Portugal, Greece, and Japan and Hong Kong in 4th place. Japanese people are pointed out by Pornhub Insights that 'individual preparation for aliens is not enough'.

This is how search comparisons in the US look like. The state with the highest number of searches is Alaska, which seems to be searching for aliens twice as many as other states. West Virginia, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arkansas are second and third. Rhode Island is the region with the lowest number of searches. People in cold areas tended to be more interested in aliens.

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